Ethical Issues in Medicine

Dr. Wolyniak and students at Hampden-Sydney CollegeCoordinator and Academic Advisor: Dr. Michael Wolyniak, Associate Professor of Biology

In this Community, students will be enrolled together in Dr. Wolyniak's Bioethics course, which satisfies one of the College's core requirements. In class, students will grapple with the ethical issues confronting doctors and scientists as advances in science and technology continue to expand what we can do as individuals and as a society. From stem cell research through human cloning, gene editing to the value of data obtained at the expense of human life, this class will consider the ways in which society interacts with new developments in science and technology. Outside of class, students will be given special opportunities to meet and work with alumni and professionals who deal with these issues in the course of their professional lives. Although clearly beneficial for students considering careers in the health sciences, students of all career interests are welcome to participate in this vibrant and respectful community that will also help them to develop the skills in scholarship and critical thinking that they will need to transition from high school to college life.

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