Ethics for the 21st Century

Biology Lab coats at Hampden-Sydney CollegeCoordinator and Academic Advisor: Dr. Alexander Werth, Venable Professor of Biology

Where do our ethical precepts come from? To what extent do they change over time or vary across communities in which they arise, including different ethnic, religious, and national groups? In this Community, students will be enrolled together in a one-credit seminar that will focus on exploring the ways in which ethics have adapted to the modern world in areas including business, the military, and science and technology. Does our increasing reliance on machines (including drones used to fight wars) change the way we think ethically? Should posts on social media be monitored by authorities and employers? Are businesses obligated to hire people if they can conduct all business with robots or other automation? Although we will focus especially on ethical issues raised by modern biology and the economics of health care, we will also meet with campus and community leaders in business, religion, government, and the military to explore ethical applications in these fields. This community is ideal for students who wish to hone critical, creative, and lateral thinking skills in preparation for leadership positions on campus and beyond.

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