Exploring the Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Wolyniak and students at Hampden-Sydney CollegeCoordinator and Academic Advisor: Dr. Michael Wolyniak, Associate Professor of Biology

This Living and Learning Community is designed specifically for those students who are interested in pursuing careers in the Biomedical Sciences. The students in this community will be enrolled together in a Bioethics course that will be taught by Dr. Wolyniak. In class, students will grapple with ethical issues being confronted by doctors and scientists as we move further into the new century-whether it be stem cell research or human cloning or the value of data obtained at the expense of human life. Outside of class, students in this Community will be given special opportunities to meet with alumni who work in the biomedical fields, to meet with representatives from graduate and professional schools, and to attend colloquia that focus on basic and applied research in these areas. If you are a student interested in a future career in the biomedical sciences or in pursuing a science major at HSC, this Community will help you begin your journey from the day you set foot on campus.

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