Frequently Asked Questions (LLC)

An LLC is a group of 9-12 freshman who are enrolled together in a class and live together on the same residence hall. The students share the same academic advisor, peer advisor, and resident advisor. Each Community is focused around a theme, which is explored through classwork, special events, and programs (both on the hall and beyond). The goal of an LLC is to foster strong relationships between new freshmen, between freshmen and faculty, and between freshmen and upperclassman RAs and Peer Mentors. Because students will be enrolled together in a credit-bearing course, the Community is also a place where the academic advisor and peer mentor can work on developing students' learning skills such as time management, reading, and note-taking. All incoming HSC freshmen are invited to apply to an LLC.
Research and experience has identified key benefits to participating in Living and Learning Communities:
  1. Academic performance. Research suggests that participating in learning communities such as the HSC LLC program can improve student academic performance.
  2. Academic support. Whether it's meeting with the other students in your LLC to go over an assignment or with your LLC's peer mentor to discuss study strategies, or talking with your professor about the last class session over pizza on the hall, LLCs give each student numerous ways to develop their skills and enhance their success.
  3. Interaction with faculty and staff members. Each LLC is coordinated by a faculty or staff member who will get to know each student not only through the usual advising functions, but also in class and in the residence halls. Your LLC coordinator will be spending time with you on the hall, in class, and at co-curricular events, providing a great opportunity for you to forge strong bonds.
  4. Lasting friendships. Because LLC students interact in class and on the hall, they are quickly able to form friendships that can last throughout their years at HSC and beyond. 
  5. Student satisfaction. Research suggests that students who participate in learning communities such as the HSC LLC program report being more satisfied with their college experience and have higher four-year graduation rates.
H-SC is offering 10 different LLCs for academic year 2017-2018. Each LLC is associated with a course and with a specific theme. You may indicate your interest in up to 3 different LLCs. All the LLCs will give you the benefit of an enhanced advisor/advisee relationship and a strong student community, but the ideas you will be considering and the experiences that you will have will vary widely across the communities. Overall, you should try to match your choice to your personal interests and/or professional goals.
The foundation of the living and learning community is the residence hall. When the students who live together share the same academic advisor and co-curricular and class experiences, the result is improved academic performance and a better residence experience. It is therefore important that all students living in a hall are associated with the same learning community. If you have a friend with whom you'd like to room, consider encouraging him to sign up for the same community as you.
Yes. If you and a friend have both indicated interest in the same LLCs and know that you would like to room together, you can both indicate this preference in the section of the application where it says, "Describe any special needs you may have". We will do our best to accommodate these requests whenever possible.
Absolutely! Although there are co-curricular events associated with each LLC, most of these will take place during the academic day or after practices end. You should have no trouble being fully involved with both your LLC and your team.
If you are interested in an LLC, you should definitely sign up. When your coach makes a recommendation about course selections or living arrangements, he or she is trying to ensure that you have the most supportive environment possible, to ensure your academic and athletic success. Because the LLCs are designed to support your academic and social life, you will find that they are entirely in keeping with your coach's goals and can help to enhance your first year experience by giving you a chance to interact with students on and off your team.
What should I do to maximize my chances of being in the LLC I want? Register as early as you can. The sooner you submit your preferences, the more likely it is that you will receive your first choice.