Monsters and Mutants: Just Science, Not Science Fiction

Biology Lab coats at Hampden-Sydney CollegeCoordinator and Academic Advisor: Dr. Alexander Werth, Venable Professor of Biology

What is a monster? Are monsters born or made (for example, by genetic "engineering")? Can mutations be stopped, and do they lead to monstrosities? To what extent are all living organisms-including all people-really mutants after all? In this Living and Learning Community, students will be enrolled together with other freshmen in a section of a core-curriculum class in Biology (BIOL 110: Principles of Biology). This inquiry-based course encompasses evolution, ecology, molecular biology and genetics, focusing on student-driven questions in an investigation of how organisms interact as they change for the better and worse. In addition, in this Community we will view modern and classic sci-fi and horror movies and TV shows, dine on "natural" and genetically modified foods, take field trips to identify mutated organisms, and conduct field and laboratory experiments to induce mutations and create new 'monsters.' This Living and Learning Community is perfect for those students interested in pursuing medicine, biotechnology, or other aspects of the life sciences, or for those who just wonder that the "monsters" of tomorrow will be.

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