Pottery: At the Intersection of Art and Science

Pottery with glazeCoordinator and Academic Advisor: Dr. Paul Mueller, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Both art and science are best learned by active engagement in those fields. In this Community students not only will get to express their creativity by fashioning objects with clay but also will have a chance to investigate the science of pottery: After crafting clay vessels and tiles by hand, students will explore the stability and safety of a few glazes using a research-grade instrument, enabling them to explore how science and art can build upon each other. No special background in chemistry or experience in ceramics is needed. Students in this Community will be enrolled in Chemistry and Art, a popular science course designed for non-science majors that satisfies one of the College's core requirements. Extra-curricular activities for the Community will include group dinners, a visit to a local pottery studio, and other field trips to visual arts venues. This Community will provide you with both an introduction to doing science and an outlet for your creativity. 

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