The Theory and Art of Writing

Dr. Arieti and students at Hampden-Sydney CollegeCoordinator and Academic Advisor: Dr. James Arieti, Professor of Classics

This Community is designed for those students who share a fascination for language and wish to become writers. It is established on the principles that the ability to learn a language is what distinguishes human beings from other animals and that since the structure of language is grammar, the study of grammar is itself an examination of human nature. Further, because communication through language aims at affecting the minds of other people, rhetoric includes an examination of the various human characters and of what influences each. In this Community, students will gain a better understanding of human nature and will explore the human condition by examining our use of language. Students will be enrolled together in a section of Professor Arieti's Rhetoric 101 course, which is a required course for Hampden-Sydney students, and will provide a forum for exploring language and for building students' written communication skills. Outside of class, students will share dinners and attend lectures followed by discussion and analysis.

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