What Do You Want To Do With the Rest of Your Life?

Dr. Carney and students at Hampden-Sydney CollegeCoordinator and Academic Advisor: Ms. Ellen Masters, Director of Career Education and Vocational Reflection

Not everyone comes to College with a clear idea of what major he wants to pursue or what career he hopes to find himself in. This Living and Learning Community is meant for students who are still exploring the many paths available to them as they enter College. Students in this Community will be given special opportunities to meet with alumni from across various professions, to engage in career interest assessments, and to participate in internship and externship preparation. In addition, students in this Community will jump start their movement towards graduation by being enrolled together in a section of Western Culture 101, which is a core requirement of the College. If you are not sure what you want your future to look like in five years, but know that you really want to begin the process of deciding, this Community will provide you with the opportunities, structure, and motivation to make that desire a reality. 

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