Academic Success Services

The Advising Program: All freshmen and transfer students are assigned an Academic Advisor who will assist in class selection, study skills development and transition to Hampden-Sydney College.

Pre-Term Workshops: Programs are offered before each semester to help selected students develop and improve academic skills.

Tutoring: Tutors are available for assistance with Biology, Economics, History, Greek, Latin, Philosophy, Psychology and Western Culture. (Tutors are available for other subjects through the appropriate academic department.) Click here for the current tutor schedule.

Academic Skills Workshops: Workshops are available throughout the semester on a weekly basis and are also available by appointment for Residence Life, Athletics, Greek Life, and Student Organizations. Topics include goal-setting, time management, note-taking, reading skills, active learning, test taking and preparation, charting academic progress, and dealing with stress. Click here for the current workshop schedule.

Probation Program: Students on Academic Probation, those returning after Academic Suspension, and those with excessive Mid-Term Deficiencies will receive individualized assistance in improving skills and performance through Academic Counseling, specialized workshops and utilization of other campus resources.

Academic Counseling: Individual appointments are available to discuss academic issues and skills development.

Learning Disability Accommodation Requests and Recommendations: Academic assistance and appropriate accommodations are provided to students with diagnosed learning disabilities. Further information about the procedure to request accommodations may be obtained from the Office of Academic Success. Click here for a copy of the Learning Disability Policy and Procedures.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about any of the listed services please stop by Bortz Library Rooms 231-235 or call us at 434-223-6286.