Honors Program Requirements

Students in the Honors Program will maintain a 3.3 cumulative g.p.a. and will complete 15 hours of honors classes/experiences over the course of their time at the College.

A. Freshman year (3 hours):

In the fall semester of the freshmen year, all honors scholars are enrolled together into a special "honors" section of a currently existing core course. This course allows honors scholars to become acquainted in a classroom setting while simultaneously completing one of the College's required core courses.

B. Sophomore and Junior years (6 hours):

Honors scholars participate in 6 hours of honors work across the sophomore and junior years.

3 hours are obtained by taking a one-semester interdisciplinary honors seminar (HONS 101 or HONS 102) during the sophomore year and earning a B or better.

The interdisciplinary honors seminar is a course jointly taught by two instructors from different departments of the College. These seminars are small, discussion-oriented classes that investigate interesting multidisciplinary topics not otherwise covered by the general curriculum, and that focus on critical inquiry and debate.

The 3 remaining hours may be obtained in one of three ways and may be completed during either the sophomore or junior year:

  1. Taking a second interdisciplinary seminar
  2. Completing 3 hours of independent research under faculty supervision and earning a B or better.
  3. Successful completion of an approved project as part of the honors summer research program.

C. Senior Year (6-12 hours):

Honors scholars complete a year-long capstone experience (HONS 497-498) in their major(s) that focuses on developing independent scholarship and creativity, while enhancing intellectual achievement.