Honors Council

The Honors Council is responsible for recruitment of honors scholars; coordination of departmental honors for juniors and seniors; administration of a program of book seminars, lectures, and cultural events; administration of the Introductory Honors Program; and administration of the Honors Scholarship program.

Members of the Council:

Dr. Michael J. Wolyniak
Associate Professor of Biology 
Director of the Honors Program 
P.O. Box 183 
Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943
(434) 223-6175
Office: Gilmer 129
E-mail: mwolyniak@hsc.edu

Dr. Robert H. Blackman, Professor of History
E-mail: rblackman@hsc.edu

Dr. Steven D. Bloom, Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Email: sbloom@hsc.edu

Dr. Verna L. Kale, Visiting Assistant Professor of Rhetoric
Email: vkale@hsc.edu

In the spring of 1997, the Honors Council articulated Goals and Objectives for the Hampden-Sydney Honors Program.

For more information about other honors programs visit the National Collegiate Honors Council Homepage.

updated July 2015