The Honors Program at Hampden Sydney

the Honors Program at Hampden-Sydney College has given men of talent the opportunity to pursue an education in an environment tailored to the way men learn best. The Program is designed for students who give evidence of intellectual curiosity, independence of thought, and excitement in learning. It is for the man who sparks the enthusiasm of fellow students and challenges the best in his teachers. The size of Hampden-Sydney and its excellent faculty provide the perfect environment for this multifaceted program, which includes academic rigor, independent research, and cultural enrichment.

Starting in the fall of 2014, a new Honors Program comes to Hampden-Sydney College--one that maintains the values of the program's past, while also providing new opportunities for our most engaged and ambitious students.

Applying to the Hampden-Sydney Honors Program

Requirements of the Hampden-Sydney Honors Program

Opportunities in the Hampden-Sydney Honors Program

For more information about the Honors Program at Hampden-Sydney College, contact the Honors Council.