The Honors Program


The honors scholarship program has the following goals:

  1. To encourage the best of our students, once enrolled, to remain at the college by providing engaging academic experiences, finacial support for student research and travel, and the Madison "in course" scholarship competition
  2. To affect positively the intellectual atmosphere on campus by enrolling a large number of academic leaders, i.e., the honors scholars
  3. To affect positively the social and cultural climate on campus by enrolling a large number of honors scholars, many of whom rise to leadership positions in campus organizations

The academic enrichment program has the overall goal of providing intellectual opportunity and enrichment for scholarship students and other high achievers once they enroll here. This overarching goal comprises the following components:

  1. To provide an interdisciplinary academic experience for honors scholars as they enter the college by means of courses that introduce them to a subject area as well as to at least two disciplinary approaches to it
  2. To foster independent thinking, research, and writing in honors scholars as well as other students, by means of summer research grants, independent research and the senior capstone

The social and cultural enrichment program has the following goals:

  1. To foster friendships among the honors scholars as a group
  2. To increase the range and quality of interaction among the honors scholars themselves and between the honors scholars and the faculty
  3. To broaden the cultural horizons of the honor scholars by providing access to a variety of musical, theatrical, and cultural events in the surrounding area--events that might otherwise be unavailable because of distance or cost