Senior Fellowships

Application Requirements

To apply for a Senior Fellowship, a student:

  • must be a second semester Junior (as determined by credit hours);
  • must have satisfied most, if not all, proficiency and distribution requirements in the curriculum;
  • normally must have satisfied a cululative g.p.a. of 3.5


The Senior Fellowship requires a significant number of hours of independent research, though the precise number may vary. Senior Fellows will normally carry the equivalent of a fifteen-hour course load, though they will take no more than three courses from the regular curriculum. All Senior Fellows will undertake at least six and at most fifteen hours of independent research during both semesters of their projects. All independent research, under the guidance of the advisory committee, will be under the heading Honors 499: Senior Fellowship in the fall semester and Honors 500: Senior Fellowship in the spring semester.

Senior Fellows will also be encouraged to undertake Student Summer Research projects, funded like other summer research projects during the summer after their junior year, so that they may get a head start on the work of their fellowship year. The summer project may involve a serious course of reading to help the Fellow in his Senior year, or it may be one of a series of essays that will make up the Fellowship project. The student must submit, by the application deadlines, a detailed report of his summer work.

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