Department Chair to Honors Council

To:          Honors Council

 From:                            , Chair, Department of                      

 Subject:  [Student's Name]'s Petition for Honors in                         

 Date:      Month Date, Year

             [Student's Name] has the permission of our department to undertake honors work in this department. He meets the department's requirements for honors work, and Professor ________ has agreed to supervise this work and to serve as a member of the supervisory committee. As department chair, I have assigned Professor __________________ to serve as the second departmental representative on the committee.

            You have on hand copies of [Student's Name]'s petition to our department and a letter of endorsement of that petition from [Supervisory Professor's Name]. These two letters together outline the details of the proposed honors work and the supervisory mechanism that will be in effect throughout the proposed honors work.

             Please send a formal letter of appointment to [Student's Name] informing him of the college-wide expectations of honors work, i.e., a public presentation of his work at the annual Departmental Honors Symposium and a written report of his work which is to be provided to members of the supervisory committee before the public presentation.

            (If appropriate:) In addition to the above general requirements, our department has the following additional requirements that should be included in the Honors Council's letter of appointment:

             [Please indicate any additional department-specific requirements]