Faculty supervisor to department chair

[Chair's Name], Chair

Department of ______________

Hampden-Sydney College

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 23943

 Month Date, Year

 Dear [Chair's Name]:

          I am writing this letter as an endorsement of [Student's Name]'s petition to undertake departmental honors work in ______________.

 [Student's Name] meets the formal requirements for the program because:

 [Give student's cumulative GPA and department GPA if appropriate; state other formal requirements of departmental honors program.]

[If student has had earlier honor's work, e.g., freshman honors seminar, or independent study experience, include a brief description.]

[If supervising professor has taught the student in previous courses, a statement here of the student's capabilities, especially for independent study, would strengthen the endorsement.]

            If [Student's Name]'s petition is accepted, I have agreed to provide detailed supervision of his studies and to instruct him in specialized research or other techniques as required. It is my intention to provide systematic supervision of his honors work. The following specific mechanism of supervision will be used:

[Describe the supervisory mechanism(s) appropriate for your discipline and which will be employed, e.g., class work, several times per week tutorial, weekly conferences, joint laboratory work, etc.]

            [Student's name] and I have consulted about the proposed honors program that is outlined in his letter of petition, and in my professional judgment, this is a reasonable project for him to undertake with his general level of ability and experience.


                                                                                    [Supervising Professor's Name]


cc: Dr. Jennifer Vitale

     Chair, Honors Council