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Avery Moncure

Chemistry Investigations Concerning the Stability of an Evolving Quaternary System of the type Oil/Water/NaOH/Surfactant

Daniel Isaacs

Physics Time-Dependent Mössbauer Spectroscopy

Clayton Parker

Computer Science
Adobe AIR Applications with Database Synchronization

Janko Kajtez

Mössbauer Study of Sickle Cell Hemoglobin Treated with Nitric Oxide

Robert Oliver

Biology Mutagenesis of Yeast Integral Membrane Protein Apq12: Exploring the role of the C-terminal region of Apq12 in the regulation of cell cycle progression and cell separation

Nathan Thomas

Biology The Role of the Nuclrea Membrane Proteins Brr6 and Br11 in Cell Wall Integrity and Cell Seperation

Timothy Fisher

Foreign Affairs 
Chinese Foreign Aid in Africa: Should the United States Develop a More Visionary Aid Policy to Counter China's Expanding Influence in Africa

Kenneth Simon

Government Foreign Combatants: The Extent of Presidential Powers

Matthew Jones

Religion The Poet Loves the Finite: Literature's Legitimate License for Christian Theology

Adam Lees

Foreign Affairs and History (Latin America)
Andean Autocrats: Historical Contexts and Political Lessons of late-Twentieth Century Military Regimes in Chile and Argentina

Matthew MacFarland

English Mortal Poetics and the Voice of Elegy: Modern Re-imaginings of Orpheus and Eurydice

Justin Smith

Spanish The Candombe and the Tango: From Socil Outcast to National Treasure

Nathan Parr

Psychology The Interaction of Pain Expectancy and Mood in Pain Tolerance

Pranay Reddy

Biology Characterization of the Murine Melanoma Cell Lines B16-F1 and D5.1G4: A Model System for Investigating Immune Regulation by Highly Tumorigenic versus Poorly Tumorigenic Melanomas

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Newman Ainsley

History Integration of Islamic finance into the United Kingdom

Chad Harte

Chemistry Metal complexes of Chiral Modular Peptide-Based Oxazolines: Preparation and evaluation as Lewis Acid Catalysts

Chad A. Pleasants

Biology The nuclear membrane components Brr6 and Brl1 potentially link nuclear division to the microtubule cytoskeleton and G2/M cell cycle progression

Thomas Schultz

Physics and Astronomy Temperature dependence viscosity of motor oils using a capillary viscometer

Charles Alexander Smith

Mathematics and Computer Science A survey of various data compression techniques

Christopher Tait

Mathematics and Computer Science A design for Phase I trials of multiple drugs

Bryan Vanetten

History   Please ignore the women behind the curtain: Maria Theresa, Madame de Pompadour, Elizabeth of Russia, and the roles of women in politics in the Diplomatic Revolution of 1756

Gordon Wadsworth

Economics The contraints of Empire: An analysis of Roman public policy from an understanding of government budget constraints

Brandon Wood

Philosophy Gradualism and trait clusters: Why we owe obligations to our cousins

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Bikash Acharya 

Physics and Astronomy 7PJ oscillator strengths of Cesium using susceptibility measurement of coherent anti-Stokes Rama Scattering through depolarization spectrum

Christopher Arnatt

Chemistry Solid-state supported Baylis-Hillman catalysts

John Campbell

Chemistry  The Gel Phase in Cold Process Soap Making

Chris Cataldi

Psychology Predicting how shy individuals will use the Internet

Devin Drumheller

Economics The role of state-level renewable portfolio standards in promoting renewable energy

Ivo Gyurovski

Psychology Need for Cognitive Closure and Right Wing Authoritarianism: Testing the Dual-Group Processing Model

Robert Christian Malott

French/Religion   French culture encounters Islam

John Caleb McClure

Psychology Contraint and impulsivity in fraternity and non-fraternity members

Spencer Mobley

Government and Foreign Affairs Interest groups in the American political system: Lobbying and deliberation
Drew Murphy English Epic genre as a living entity: A study of the form, function, and evolution of the epic genre
Willoughby Obenchain Psychology Cognitive ideology: Response inhibition in Liberals and Conservatives
J. Steele Parris Physics and Astronomy Optical variability observations of select quasars
Ryan Parrish Chemistry A study to determine the structure of the Tetrapeptide Pro-Thr-Pro-Ser in order to design a Peptidomimetic Inhibitor for IgA1 Protease
Zachary Phillips Economics Reinventing the national pastime: The impact of Latin American players in Major League Baseball
Sean Platt Chemistry A study of the free radical metabolism of Cucumin and related phenolic antioxidants
John Reid Psychology Mechanisms of attention: Positive allosteric modulation of a7nAChRS in the medial prefrontal cortex of the rat
J. Andrew Surface Chemistry The Development of ESR Signal Recovery Software: An Approach to Improving S/N of Weak ESR Signals

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Eric Lewis



Improving upon Aristotle: Kant's Superior Treatment of Happiness in Morality


Gregory Mascavage


Hospital Ownership Choice and the Provision of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions

 Alex Mayberry

Fine Arts (Theater)  Misery: A Production in Progress

Phillip G. Miskovic

Religion To Form Good Men and Good Citizens': The Hampden-Sydney Religion

James Rawles

Chemistry  A Study of Variously Substituted Silyl Styrene Radical Anions by Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy

Robert Shrader

Political Science Sorting Out the Court System after Saddam: A Look at the Establishment of the Rule of Law in Iraq Focusing on Legal Reform

Hakob Stepanyan

Economics Do the Indicators Really Matter for Futures Pricing?
Mark Tassone Classics Adonis' Double Identity
W.T. Hillman Terzian Biology Patterns of Antibiotic Resistance Observed in Staphylococcus aureus and Gram-Positive Coagulase-Negative Bacteria Isolated from Hampden-Sydney Students

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Justin Azar



The effects of the Chronic Administration of 17B-estradiol dipropionate on the Thyroid Structure in Rats

Andrew Brendle  

Political Science No Religion, No Democracy: Tocqueville's Assessment of Religion in America
Andrew Boyett Fine Arts (Visual)

Painting Narrative

Tim Brown


Simon Iturri Patino: The Epitome of Entrepreneurship or a Hated Exploitative Industrialist?

Zach Dussault


Political Science


A Critical Comparison of Senate Considerations in Confirmation Hearings for the United States Supreme Court Nominees


Stephen English English Ariel and the Witch: Personae and Exorcism in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton

Michael Rutkowski

Physics and Astronomy

A Look at the Supernova Remnant 1E0102.2-7219 with the Chandra X-Ray Observatory

Jonathan Schaaf


The Role of GABA-ergic Receptors in the Thalamic Reticular Nucleus in the Selection of Behavior Appropriate to the Situation

 Nate Schetzler

Political Science Where the Wild Things Are: Roadless Area Policy and the Battle between Conservation and Commerce Off the Beaten Path
Josh Schniper Humanities 'Where man can't live gods fare no better': The Role of Religion in Cormac McCarthy

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Paul Graham Bodie Biology Characterization of melanoma cell lines
Ben Chambers English/Philosophy Naturalism in literature and determinist philosophy
Mark Goodin Physics Phase speeds near the single bubble resonance of a bubbly liquid
Charlie Harris Biology Anti-tumor effects of organic plant compounds
Bryan Hicks History Influence of television on 1950s & 1960s politics
Brendan Lee Psychology Effects of multiple placement on attachment
Nathaniel Phillips Psychology Machiavellianism and emotion processing

Abhishesh Regmi

Physics Polarimetry of Organic Dye Solution
Nutan Shrestha Economics An Analysis of the Social and Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS in Botswana
Chris Thompson History Impact of Francis Marion on the Revolutionary War

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Adam J. Barker

Political Science Normalization or Democracy? The Delicate Balance of U.S. Relations with Beijing and Taipei Regarding the "One-China" Policy
James E. Blackburn, Jr.

Chemistry Dye Sensitized Semiconductors: An Approach to Obtain Energy from the Sun
Ryan M. Blackwell
Sneak: a Novella
Jeffrey C. Burchett

English In His Time: Hemingway's Ice-berg of Anti-War Sentiment
T. John Burrell

Chemistry Point Charge Interaction with Aromatic Ring Currents
David W. Capper

History From Chieftain to King: The Development of Frankish Royal Power, 481-639 AD
Jonathan D. Cox

Chemistry Preparation and Evaluation of Baylis-Hillman Catalyst with Solid-State Support
Brian R. Goeckerman

Physics Two-Photon, Two-Color Polarization Spectroscopy in Sodium
David M. Good

Chemistry An Electromodulated Dioxygen Extraction System
Daniel L. Gordon

French/History The Resilient, Enduring Contradiction: the Symbolization of the Bastille de Paris
James Lloyd Hodges

English The Beat-Bop Hipster: An Attitude for Stylistic Exploration, Individual Expression, and Artistic Innovation
Dacre R. T. Knight
Biology Antimicrobial Activity of the Compound Honokiol from Magnolia
Robert M. Linnander

Economics The Economics of Acute Medical Care in Southside Virginia: A Case Study: Southside Community Hospital in Farmville, Virginia
David M. McDonald

English An Apology and an Introduction: The Fiction of J. M. Coetzee and White Writing in Post-Apartheid South Africa
John R. C. Ramsay

English The Good, The Bad and The Bewildered: Portrayals of Masculinity in Literature of the American Western Frontier
Cory B. Rayfield

History A Hellish Crew? Terrorism and the Sons of Liberty
W. Alec Ridley

English An American New: William Carlos Williams and the Artists' Search for a Modern American Style
Dustin S. Reynolds

Physics Using a Jamin Interferometer to Study Non-Linear Optical Properties in Potassium Vapor
Matthew W. Shealy

Classics/Political Science Platonic Satire: An Examination of the Minos
Wesley R. Sholtes

English The Temptation Ethic: Synthesizing Virtue and Monarchy in Milton's Post-Restoration Poetry
John B. Simpson

Economics Impact Analysis of LNG Storage Facility Expansion: Hampton Roads Area
Joseph L. Smith

Economics An Examination of Sex Discrimination against Female Faculty in Academia
James A. Steelman

Religion An Analysis of the Cherubim in Genesis Chapter Three
George W. Zuban, Jr.

History From Relationships to Rights: Slaves, Freedmen, and the Push for Equality in Prince Edward County, Virginia

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Nathaniel C. Almirall English All's Well That Ends Welles: The Character of Falstaff in "Chimes at Midnight"
Aaron L. Barber Economics Rationality and Honor: A Game Theory Analysis of the Hampden-Sydney College Honor Code
Joel Casey Carwile History The American Wars in the Barbary: A Consideration
Brent A. Fallin Physics Analysis of the Reaction Between Nitric Oxide and Sickle Cell Hemoglobin Using Mössbauer Spectroscopy
Kirk P. Gillam Political Science From Bullets to the Ballot Box
Matthew S. Hartman History The Emergence of Indigenous Fascism in France and Spain 1923-1939
Jared D. Heffron Biology Winter and Summer Isolations of Actinomycetes from Two Different Forest Soils and Competition Studies of Actinomycetes
Cory D. Jaques Chemistry Electron Nuclear Double Resonance Spectroscopy of Radicals
Geoffrey S. Lea
Economics An Austrian Analysis of Value-Added Taxation
R. Rhett Owens Political Science The Right to Respond: The Patriot Act and its First Amendment Ramifications
R. Kagey Parrish English Exploring and Other Stories
William W. Reith Mathematics Creating Knots with Arcs
Ryan K. Rilee History Humanitarian Intervention in a Dissolute Somalia
J. Scott Thompson Physics Experimental Aerodynamics: Design and Construction of a Wind Tunnel and Focusing Schlieren Optical System
Preston G. Williams Psychology Distraction and Mood Effects of Music on Exercise Performance and Perceived Exertion

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Richard W. Brown Psychology Practical Considerations in the Psychological Maintenance Treatment of Schizophrenic and Bipolar Outpatients
Edmund M. Haskins English Blurring the Boundaries: A Study of Toni Morrison's Postmodern Treatment of Binary Oppositions
James H. Hicks English August Wilson's Black Men: A Power Struggle vs. Many Foes
Willis H. Israel Biology Responsibly Genetics: An Educational Survey
William S. Koehler History America and Japan: Road to War
Michael R. Leader Biology The Association between Food Allergy and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Robert Luther Economics A Retrospective Analysis of Thomas Hobbes' Contributions to the Contemporary Theory of Public Choice
Christopher L. McCracken Physics Mossbauer Spectroscopy: Examining the Reaction between Nitric Oxide and Sickle Cell Hemoglobin
Kerr C. Ramsay Religion Complex Continuity: Changes in Stability in the Christian Identity of Hampden-Sydney College
Matthew D. Rannals Physics Detecting Carbon Disulfide Gas in a Binary Mixture with Air using Optoacoustic Techniques
David W. Rodwell Biology Antibiotic Resistance Patterns in Staphylococcus aureus
P. Austin Stracke Classics Nike and Arete: The Classical Ideal
Justin W. Turner History The Bay of Pigs: Partial Commitment, Total Failure
Stuart P. Winston Economics A Public Choice Analysis of International Financial Institutions

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Kemper M. Beasley History Churchill: Machiavelli's Prince or Modern Statesman?
J. Brandon Coates Mathematics Cwatsets and Two-Dimensional Cell Complexes
Craig W. Elkins English/History We Shall Simply Have to Cast Them Off": Mansfield's and Hemingway's Challenges to Early Twentieth Century Gender Roles of Feminism
Justin D. Ellett Biology Determination of Copy Number of DNA Insertion Cassettes in Canola Plants
Todd C. Gronewald Economics The Market for Player Talent: Two Essays on the Supply of Labor and Performance in Team Sports
Robert F. Lamkin History The Life and Death of a Revolutionary: Che Guevara, Bolivia and the United States?
Jonathan D. Meeks Psychology Music Enhances Performance of But Not Recovery From Aerobic Exercise
Joseph C. Pozda English Secrets Revealed: The Narrative Techniques in Confessional Literature
Jason T. Ritchie Political Science National Security vs. Civil Rights: Are President Bush's Military Tribunals Proper?
Nathan A. Stasko Chemistry Metal Ligand Catalysis for the Baylis-Hillman Reaction
Caleb B. Varner Economics An Analysis of Local Finance Implications on Educational Attainment in Virginia
Joshua E. Vaughan Physics Trace Detection of Gaseous Carbon Disulfide With an Optoacoustic Technique

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David B. Bates English A Mirror He Built: A Realization of Fiction as Savior
Matthew V. Cochrane-Logan Religion A Forgotten Conquest: A Study of the Spanish Theologian and Missionary, Bartolome de Las Casas, His Relationship to Early Missionary Efforts in Sixteenth Century Latin America, and the Continuing Effects of His Thought on Contemporary Liberation Theology
Brian S. Gibson Economics Technology as an Explanation of Divergent Growth Between Regions
Ryan D. Gibson Economics Tests of Integration in Early Stock and Money Markets: London and Amsterdam in the 18th Century
Todd L. Gifford Political Science The Sovereign Immunity Doctrine after Seminole Tribe of Florida v. Florida and Alden v. Maine
Garrett P. Hamilton Psychology Effects of Explanatory Style and Disappointing Feedback on Academic Performance
Kristian M. Hargadon Biology Interleukin-12 Enhances the Immune Response Elicited by Tumor Antigen-Pulsed Dendritic Cell Vaccination
J. Robert Harper Political Science The Napster Case: Property Rights and the Public Forum
John B. Jividen History The American Hero Through the Eyes of Tom Wolfe
Jeremy P. Mauldin Chemistry The Association of Tyrosine and Methionine in the Amyloid ß-Peptide and Alzheimer's Disease
Andrew M. Nilan Economics The Relevance of the Capital Asset Pricing Model to the Dynamics of Market Neutral Hedge Fund Theory
LeLand C. Rice English A Portrait of the Artist as Critic: An Exploration in the Unique Theoretical Dimension of Ulysses
Hunter D. Smith History A Selfish Nationalist: John C. Calhoun
Raphael V. Sydnor English Dreamer in the Knight: A Psychoanalysis of Chaucer's Book of the Duchess
J. Bennett White Religion Jolo and Jesus: Snake-Handling Christians in Jolo, West Virginia
Karl W. Zensen Chemistry Synthesis and Characterization of a Bifunctional Dendrimer

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Jack A. Carter Psychology Will Reward Undermine Intrinsic Motivation? A Test of the Symbolic Cue Hypothesis
James R. Elliott Economics An Impact Analysis of Wal-Mart on the Local Economy
Kenny A. Fernandez Spanish Unveiling the Myth: An Examination of the Male-Female Relationship as Seen in "Lección de Cocina" by Rosario Castellanos and "Album de Familia" by Luisa Valenzuela
Christopher A. Garland Political Science Uncommon Methods: A Comparative Study of the Civil Rights Movements in Northern Ireland and in the United States
Christopher K. Gross Religion A Picture Painted without God: Alasdair MacIntyre, Stanley Hauerwas, and the Predicament of Religion in the Modern Era
William Brian Hamilton History The Mongol-Christian Alliance: Would It Have Changed the Levant?
Regan G. Hanson Chemistry The Attempted Synthesis and Characterization of Borazocine
Travis J. Hardy History The Modernized Monkey: The Scopes Trial and the American Debate between Fundamentalism and Modernism
Thornton B. Henry Religion/English Flannery O'Connor: The Eucharistic Mystery of the Incarnation
Jack E. Jirack English A Fruitful Tension: The Stability of Language and the American Legal System
Kevin P. Kolbash Psychology The Effects of Muscimol Injections to the Thalamic Reticular Neculeus on a Covert Orienting Task in Rats
Christopher R. Lea Chemistry Ab Initio: Determination of the Barrier to Dissociation for Octaazacubane
Preston L. Lovelace Chemistry Construction and Calibration of an ENDOR Spectrometer
Robert Spencer Thomas Biology Community-Acquired Antibiotic Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus
Robert A. Young III Religion Sunyata and Ethics: A Critical Study of Chapters XXIII and XXIV of Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika

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Christopher E. Allmond Physics The Design and Construction of a 30-Watt Carbon-Dioxide Laser
Daniel L. Barlow Political Science From John Locke to Newt Gingrich: A Study of the Foreign Policy Powers
Andrew M. Habenicht English Biography: High and Serious Art
Richard R. Heath Political Science Change and Limitations: The Coming of the Rhetorical Presidency and Its Role in our Modern Society
William G. Homiller Political Science Kenneth Starr, Morrison v. Olson, and a Reaffirmation of the IndependentCounsel's Constitutionality
Stephen G. Hopkins Political Science The Good Friday Agreement: A Historical Compromise?
John D. Jordan History The Crusaders: A Study of the Composition of the European Armies of the First Crusade
George G. Keener Political Science A Comparative Analysis of the Abortion Laws of Western Europe and the   United States
Daniel F. Layman History Predestination, Original Sin, and Radicalism: The Anabaptists and the   Augustinian Tradition
Brian P. Mackey Psychology The Effectiveness of Various Accommodations for College Students with   Learning Disabilities
James I. Shew Applied Mathematics An Actuarial Education: The History of the North American Actuarial Education and Examination System and An Attempt to Pass Two of the Current Exams
James E. Thatcher History Filmed History: Alternative Representations of the Past
Jason A. Weis Philosophy/Religion The Intellectual's Flight of the Soul in Augustine's Earliest Writings
Francis E. Zellner Economics NAFTA: An Overall Assessment from the U.S. Perspective

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Richard L. Alexander Chemistry Optical Spectropotentiometric Resolution of Formal Redox Potentials of Heme-Human Serum Albumin Binding Sites
Paul O. Arnold Biology Emerging Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus
Joshua L. Bettridge History John F. Kennedy and the Diplomacy of the Cuban Missile Crisis
Shaun P. Bourgeois Philosophy/Religion Occasionalism: Philosophy in the Service of Religion
Thompson E. Davis Psychology The Development of Racial, Gender, and Age Prejudice in 6-9 Year Olds
Brian P. DeFade Biology The Anti-Tumor Effects of Interleukin-12 in a Murine Model
Benjamin Dale deLee Classics Gandharan Art: The Artistic Dialogue in the Conflux of East and West
John S. Duval Economics An Analysis of Matriculation among Accepted Students: Qualitative-Response Behavioral Models and the Optimization of Value to the College
Mark E. Feldmann, Jr. Biology Linking Adaptive Mutation and Bacterial Transformation
Mark Finelli History The Business of War or the War of Business
Joseph Z. Fritsch II Philosophy Are We Justified in Trying to Learn How to Live Properly? An Examination of Early Stoic Answers to the Problems of Logical and Causal Determinism
Brad Alan Funari Political Science Appalling Publius: The Dilemma of Constitutional Interpretation in Twentieth-Century Jurisprudence
Gregory W. Harmon History Mamluks, Mongols, and Armenians: Religion, War, and Diplomacy in Thirteenth-Century Armenia
John M. Long Physics Optoacoustics: A Study of the Macroscopic Molecular Structure of Liquid CS2 via Laser-generated Acoustic Signals
Bruce M. Lovelace IV Chemistry Designing a Sandwich Assay for Use in Detecting Prokaryotes
Anderson L. Marsh Chemistry ESR Study of the Thermal Polymerization of Phenylacetylene
J. Bryson McCain Chemistry Attempted Synthesis of Borazocine
Robert Bryant McCulley English "To Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever": The Spiritual Journey of American Nature Writing
Curtis Wayne Owen English William Wordsworth: A Vision Lost
William C. Robinson French The French Resistance: Myth and Reality
Jonathan L. Schneider History Amphibious Operations of the United States Marine Corps in the Second World War

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William C. Bradford Economics The Effects of Free Agency on Competitive Balance: The Case of Major League Baseball
David W. Cias English/Religion John Donne's Passionate God
Gordon W. Gifford III Psychology A Comparison of Cognitive, Mood, and Music Affinity Variables in the Efficacy of Audioanalgesia
Carlysle Johnson History The Face of Battle: 178th Field Artillery Battalion Remembers WWII
John E. Lansche, Jr. Psychology Teachers' Perceptions of Students with Learning Disabilities
Ross M. Lodge English Perfection and Corruption: A Typology of Relationships in the Poetry of Tennyson
Robert H. Ramsey Economics Capital Gains Tax Reform and the Resulting Effects on the Economy and Tax Revenues
Eric C. Sands Political Science International Environmental Management: A Functionalist Approach for the Twenty-First Century
Stephen A. Saunders French The Man in the Shadows: An Analysis of the Life and Exploits of France's most Famous Unknown Resistant
James D. Sparks Philosophy Chimps, Memes, Evolution, and Morality: Three Critical Responses to Taking Darwin Seriously
James J. Stone Physics Germanium Waveguide Sensors for Measuring Fourier Transform Infrared Absorption Spectra of Single Frog Oocyte Membrane

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W. C. Kirkpatrick Alberts II Physics Analysis of EGRET Data on the Gamma-Ray Source 2EG J0241 + 6119
Barton T. Bobb German An Edition of a Late Restoration Drama by Nestory
James A. Cromwell IV History "Man on a White Horse": A Study of the Great Leaders of France and Why in a Moment of Crisis the French Turn to These Authoritarian Figures
Micah K. Eads Psychology Deficits on a Lateralized Visual Discrimination Task Following Unilateral Ibotenic Acid Lesions in the Entopeduncular Nucleus of the Rat
Alfred L. Evans III Political Science Wide Awake vs. University of Virginia: A Critical Analysis
Victor Gonzalez-Maertens Economics A Change in Course: Stabilization, Structural Reforms, and a Revised Development Strategy in Peru (1990-1996)
Marc Korczykowski Psychology The Five-Factor Theory of Personality as a Predictor of Computer Success
Matthew F. K. McDaniel History "No Regrets": Interviews with World War II Airmen
Allen B. Nock Physics Temperature Dependence of Ultrasonic Velocity in YBa2Cu3O7
Erik L. Plyler Political Science The Constitutionality of Affirmative Action Programs
Walter W. Rabke History Knights Templars as Financiers: A Survey of Their Activities from Moneylending to Royal Depository
Andrew P. Sherrod English A Southern Take on the Kleiner Bildungsroman: The Influence of the Family Environment on Individual Development as Depicted in Southern Short Fiction
Aaron S. Walters Political Science A Question of Race or Class: Is Affirmative Action the Best Solution to the Inequalities Which Face the Black Community?
Jeffrey M. White Psychology Opponent Process Theory and the Affective Dynamics of Exotic Body Piercing

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Philip H. Bangle Philosophy The Ideal of the Artist for van Gogh and Nietzsche
Christopher W. Bishop History Der Kaiser und der Khalif: The German Jihad in the First World War
James Richard Broughton Political Science Abortion Jurisprudence in the Supreme Court: An Analysis of the Continuing Debate over Roe v. Wade
Logan H. Brown Religion The Earth Goddess and the Rediscovery of the Prescription for Living the Good Life: Reflections on Gaia, Environmentalism, and the Judeo-Christian Tradition
Steven Ho Economics Reforming the Polish Economy: More Than Just Economic Consideration
Justin P. Isaacs Economics Northern Virginia Econometric Model
Matthew E. Malone Economics The Morality of Capitalism: An Analysis of Capitalism from a Moral Point of View
Matthew E. Michael Political Science Nixon's Absolute Veto: A Practical and Theoretical Examination of Impoundment
Anastasios M. Pantoulis Psychology Gender Bias in the Evaluation of Employment Applications
Scott J. Pietan History Romulo Betancourt: The Evolution of a Venezuelan Statesman and the Founding of a Democracy
Michael P. Richardson Chemistry Synthesis, Characterization, and ESR Studies of Octasila [4,4] between Allene and Related Molecules
Carl T. Stebbing Physics Fiber Optic Sensors with Applications and Techniques in Physical Acoustics
Brian M. Taylor Biology Oral Ecology and Anatomy of the Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta)
Cleveland D. Turner Mathematics Modeling, Generating, and Simulating Data for Queueing Systems
Daniel C. Turner English Three of Shakespeare's Antagonist Villains in Performance: Different Interpretations of Iago, Edmund, and Claudius in Film and Videotape Productions
Gresham T. Weatherly Chemistry Investigation of the Redox Properties of Cholesterol Oxidase in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Anthony C. Wininger Political Science

Is a Universal Civic Constitution Possible?


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