Senior Fellowship Topics and Recipients


Colbert Lucey -- German and History:
The Burgundians: Building Group Identities in Late Antiquity


Benjamin Brown -- Biology and Fine Arts (Theater):
Stress Benefits of the Alexander Technique: An analytical study of performing arts students 

Scott Jefferson -- Economics and Government & Foreign Affairs:
Methodologies for predicting total cumulative domestic petroleum production: A critical analysis and deliberation 

2008 - 2009

Joshua Bohannon -- Religion and Philosophy:
Berkeley and Christology: Or, What Immaterialism Can Do For Orthodox Faith


Andrew Jennings -- History and Government & Foreign Affairs:
Between Improvement and Reform: Virginia in the Progressive Era 


2007 - 2008

Ross Van Tuyl -- History and English (Literary Analysis):
For God or for Profit: An Economic Reading of Chaucer's 'Shipman's Tale' from The Canterbury Tales

Dashle Kelley -- Economics and Mathematics:
Misfire: The Effects of Minimum Age Laws and Mandatory Hunters' Education Requirements on Hunting 

2006 - 2007

Jason Bart -- Classics and Philosophy
An Exploration of Virtue: How Classical Conceptions of Virtue Were Molded to Fit Christianity 

Everett Gardner -- Philosophy and Political Science
Ethics in American Law: Capital Punishment 

Garth Patterson -- Economics and Political Science
Under the Lion's Paw: British Imperial Policy and the Political and Economic Development of British India 1757-1948

2005 - 2006

Richard Rosendahl -- Economics and Mathematics
A winning combination?: An empirical investigation of collegiate athletics

Eamon Thornton -- English and Philosophy 
The journey to purpose: The works of Walker Percy as they relate to existentialism in the American south

2004 - 2005

Matthew Brady -- Biology and English
Concepts of selfhood and Nature/Nurture in Biology and Fiction

Jonathan Foote -- Biology and Religion
Science and Christianity: A necessary tension?

Jordan Gaul -- History and Political Science
The Politics that Led to the U.S. Civil War

Thomas Nelson -- Economics and History
Economic History of the U.S. Civil War

Killian Zimmerman -- Biology and Psychology
The action selection problem and the role of the Thalamic Reticular Nucleus

2003 - 2004

R. Michael Birch -- Political Science & Religion 
Christian ecclesiastic experience in America

Mark McKnight -- Religion 
How the carnivalesque informs current and future theological investigations

Thomas Robbins
-- Political Science & Spanish 
Political development in the Andean region of South America

2002 - 2003

Adam Bowling -- Biology & Religion 
Ethical and Theological Issues Raised by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer

Alex Reczkowski -- Mathematics & Fine Arts 
The Golden Mean

2001 - 2002

No Senior Fellows this year

2000 - 2001

Daniel Larison -- Religion & History 
The New Iconoclasm: Church Reform, Modernization, and Eleutherios Venizelos

1999 - 2000

David C. Phillips -- Political Science & Literature 
Beyond Politics

1997 - 1998

Thomas I. Johnson, Jr. -- Religion & Philosophy 
Christianity's 'Being-in-the-World': the Post-Modern Question

1996 - 1997

Bradley K. Gillen -- Social & Political Thought 
Libertarianism: The Conscience of a Movement

Adam T. Talaber -- Political Philosophy & Critical Theory 
Prophets or Puppeteers: Reading Philosophy with Leo Strauss and Jacques Derrida