Minor in Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies minor offers students a program of study that draws from multiple disciplines within the College, recognizing that environmental issues and problems are of a class that do not fit easily into the category of problems having scientific or technical solutions. Rather, environmental issues typically encompass challenges in socio-economic, political, and moral or ethical dimensions as well as in scientific and technical arenas.

The requirements for the Environmental Studies minor are:

  • BIOL 108 (Environmental Biology)
  • ECON 212 (Environmental Econ) or GVFA 234 (Environmental Politics Policy)
  • One course chosen from the following:
    • PHYS 107 (Energy Environment) or 108 (Meteorology Climatology)
    • CHEM 105 (Toxic Chemicals in Society)
    • CHEM 110 & 151 (Chemical Concepts & Techniques of Chemistry)
  • Two courses, from different departments, chosen from the following:
    • ENGL 199 (American Nature Writing)
    • RELI 103 (Intro World Religions), 225 (Christian Ethics) or 329 (Christian Ethics & Technology)
    • New classes are coming soon...   
  • INDS 372, Environmental Studies capstone research seminar  

Additionally, students are encouraged and expected to participate in:

  • Seminars, dinners, and networking opportunities
  • Environmental service projects on campus and nearby

There are also extracurricular programs and internships. 

Students interested in the minor should consult the coordinator, Professor Goodman.

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