Requirements for the Environmental Studies Minor

Students with a particular interest in environmental studies may elect to follow, in addition to the regular academic major, a coherent pattern of courses oriented to the environment. Students are introduced to both the scientific and the humanistic dimensions of environmental issues.

The requirements for the minor are

  • Biology 108 and 203, and Economics 212 or GVFA 234;
  • one course chosen from Physics 107, 108 and Chemistry 105, 106, or 110 and 151;
  • two courses, from two different departments, chosen from English 199, Interdisciplinary Studies 440, Government and Foreign Affairs 231, Religion 103, 225, or 329, and Sociology 201;
  • Interdisciplinary Studies 372.

There are also extracurricular programs and internships. Students interested in the minor should consult the coordinator, Professor Townsend.