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Western Culture on Trial
By: Jeff Roberts '09
Western Culture on Trial was a group project created by Dr. Marc Hight, Elliott Associate Professor of Philosophy, with two teams, the defense and the prosecution. Dr. Hight was the judge. Each team consisted of two lawyers and four to five witnesses. The charge on western culture was western colonial imperialism has had a negative net impact on the well-being of human persons and human societies in the colonized world.



Western Culture Workshops

2000-01- James Arieti, Ancient History; Roger Barrus, Medieval Political Philosophy; Ralph Hattox, Medieval history; James Simms, Russia and the West; Mary Prevo, the Acropolis; Bob Blackman, Napoleon

2003-04 - Lee Jacobus, Great Books and Historical Context

Fall 2004 - Lowell Frye and Elizabeth Deis, Teaching Workshop on Good Essay Questions

Dupont Workshops

Fall/Spring 2003-04 -  Ken Lehman, Sarah Hardy, Bob Blackman,Jana de Jong

Facilitators--Henry Shwarz, Georgetown University, Michael Moses, Duke Universty - Post-Colonial literature

Short Term 2004-Ralph Hattox, Facilitator: Tamara Sonn, College of William and Mary-Islam and the West

Summer 2004-Roger Barrus, Facilitator: Pamela Jensen, Kenyon College-Liberal Education and Higher Education

Spring 2005-James Kidd and Frank Archer: The Western Musical Tradition to 1830

Short Term 2005-Robert Blackman: Facilitator, Jack Censer, GMU- The French Enlightenment.

Fall-Spring 2005-06-Amos Lee Laine (History) and Larry Martin (English) Facilitators Chaucer

June 2006-James Pontuso   Facilitator. The Plays and Work of Vaclav Havel..

Fall 2006-John Brinkley, Facilitator, Roman Law