Faculty of the Divisions of Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences

Director: James Pontuso

The Western Culture course is a three-semester sequence that introduces all Hampden-Sydney students to the history and cultural achievements of western civilization, from its roots in the early civilizations of the Middle East to the present day. The course is grounded in a consideration of both historical sequence and significant historical and cultural questions; it examines a variety of texts--literary, philosophic, theological, artistic--placed clearly in historical context. Ultimately, the course aims to explore "the way we live now" through a consideration of our cultural legacy.

Note: The existing Western Culture 101, 102, 103 course sequence will no longer be offered starting academic year 2016-2017. At that time, a revised program will be introduced. Limited numbers of Western Culture 103 sections will be offered in 2016-2017. Students intending to complete three Western Culture courses should plan accordingly.

Western Culture Course Catalogue

updated 6/23/15