Faculty Committees (2015-16)

         Number   year of termination of multiple year term                  f     faculty elects

         a   appointed                                                                            d    division elects

         o   ex officio                                                                             fd    faculty elects from division

                                                                                                          s    student

                                                                                                          L    sabbatical


          * must be tenured                                                        [  ] - Indicates a temporary assignment or election

          ^ serve on Executive Committee                                         to a committee to replace a committee member

                                                                                                      due to sabbatical or leave



ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE                    Coombs            [16,d]^           Lowry               (18,f)

                Chair:  Thurman (16)                                     Thurman          (16,d)^           ____________ (s) 

                                                                                      Deis                  (18,d)^           Stevens (o)

                                                                                      Winborne         (17,a)            


                Honors Council                                           Thornton          (16,a)            Christopher Williams-Morales (s) 

                Chair: Wolyniak                                             Kale                 (17,a)             Hayden Robinson         (s) 

                                                                                      Bloom              (18,a)             Stevens (o)



                Admissions & Financial Aid                      Sipe                  (16,f)             Winborne         (16,a)

                Chair: Garland                                              Hulsizer            (17,f)             Garland (o)

                                                                                      Irons                 (18,f)            Klein (o)



                Assessment Committee                              Dempster         [16,d]           Thurman           (17,a)

                Chair: Nowlin (17,a)                                      Nowlin             (17,d)            DeJong              (18,a)

                                                                                      Valente            (18,d)            Stevens (o)



                Health Sciences Committee                        Townsend       (16,a)             Hargadon         (17,a)

                Chair:  Hargadon (17,a)                                Thurman          (16,a)             Mueller             (18,a)                                                                               


                Human Research Review Committee          Vogel               (16,a)             A. Jones           (18,a)

                Chair:  Herdegen (16)                                    Herdegen          (17,a)            E. Donovan      (18,a)

                                                                                       Lins                   (18,a)            Stevens (o)

                                                                                       J.D. Choudry    (16,s)                      



                International Studies Committee                Deifel               (16,d)             Fox                    (16,a)

                Chair: Deifel (16)                                            Eastby              (17,d)            Widdows (o)

                                                                                       Varona              (18,d)           Stevens (o)

                                                                                       Salinas              (16,f)            



                Western Culture Committee                       Deluca               (16,d)           Pontuso             (17,a)

                Chair: Pontuso (17)                                       Wolyniak           (17,d)           Stevens (o)

                                                                                      Frye                   (18,d)          



          FACULTY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE                      Hunter              (16,d)           Cheyne             (17,fd)*

                Chair: Thornton                                              Schooling          (17,d)           Thornton           (18,fd)*

                                                                                       Pendergrass      (18,d)           Stevens (o)

                                                                                       Kagan               (16,fd)*                 



                 Promotion and Tenure Committee             Emmons           (16,d)*          Deal                  (16,fd)*       

                Chair: Werth                                                   Siegel                (17,d)*         Mueller              (17,fd)*

                                                                                       Werth                (18,d)*         Vitale                  (18,fd)*



                Committee on Professional Development  Dinmore           (16,d)           Davis                (16,fd)*

                Chair: Greenspan (16)                                    Deifel               (17,d)           K. Weese          (17,fd)*

                                                                                        Greenspan        (18,d)         Lins                   (18,fd)*

                                                                                                                                    Stevens (o)


                Gender Issues Committee                            Lowry               (16,d)           von Rueden      (17,a)

                Chair: von Rueden (16)                                  Townsend         (17,d)           Isaak Janowski (16,s)

                                                                                       Horne                (18,d)           Evan Harris       (16,s)

                                                                                       Varona              (16,f)            Scholer (o)   



         STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE                       Vogel                (16,f)            Will Vogan        (16,s)

                Chair: Vogel       (16)                                      Burns                (17,f)            Tucker Brown              (16,s)

                                                                                       Palmer               (18,f)           Klein (o)

                                                                                       Goodrich (s)                         



                Athletic Committee                                       Epperson, Athletic Dir.                       Lins                  (17,f)

                Chair:                  (16)                                     Klein, Dean of Students                     Valente            (18,f)

                                                                                       Mossler, Fac. Athletic Rep. to NCAA Jeff Rowell       (16,s)

                                                                                       Schooling          (16,f)           



                Lectures & Programs Committee               DeLuca             (16,f)             ____________ (s)

                Chair:                  (16)                                    Severin               (17,f)           ____________ (s)

                                                                                      Pendergrass       (18,a)          ____________ (s)                                                                                                                                      

                                                                                      ____________ (s)                 Klein (o)


          BUDGET-AUDIT COMMITTEE                  Arieti                [16,d]           Carilli               (18,d)

                Chair: Arieti                                          Pelland             (17,d)           Dillon               (18,f)



          GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE                          Keohane           (16,f)            D. Weese          (18,f)

                Chair: Herdegen                                    Winborne         (16,f)             Alt.: Lewis        (16,f)

                                                                               Fox                   (17,f)            Alt.: Carilli        (16,f)

                                                                               Herdegen          (17,f)         



           INTERCULTURAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE           Hunter-McKinney (16,f)            Dubroff            (18,f)

                Chair: Widdows                                                  Johnson               (17,f)            L. Burns

                                                                                           H. Croom                                 D. Widdows

                                                                                           Aaron Doman '16                    Gui Guimaraes '18

                                                                                           Jon Pace '18


           BENEFITS COMMITTEE                             Perry                (16,f)             Burnett             (18,f)

       Chair:                                                      Bloom              (17,f)              Dempster         (16,a)


          Representative to the Board of Trustees:           Utzinger            (17,f)

                                                                                          Werth                [fall 15,f]


          Faculty Athletic Representative to the NCAA:      Mossler             (17,f)


          Representative to the President’s Council:          Isaacs                (16,f)


          Clerk of the Faculty:                                                Wilson               (17,f)

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