Special Rules of Order

  1. No item of new business offered from the floor may receive final action at the meeting at which offered.
  2. Every motion affecting policy, organization, or operations shall include an explicit provision for an effective date, such provision being subject to amendment.
    1. The method of voting to fill committee and office vacancies is by ballot, with voting by acclamation permitted when the number of nominees equals the number of vacancies.  Write-in votes are prohibited.  In a ballot where no nominee receives a majority of the votes cast, the name of the lowest vote getter will be removed from the ballot and a second ballot will commence.  Balloting will continue this way until one nominee receives a majority of votes cast.
    2. In elections for committee and office vacancies, in addition to nominations from the Academic Affairs Committee, nominations may be made from the floor.  All candidates for office must consent to standing for election before their names are formally placed in nomination.
    3. The Faculty will employ "the second election procedure" for ballot elections as described in Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, §46.
    4. Elections will take place to fill vacancies in the following order:
      Representative to the Board of Trustees
      Representative to the President's Council
      Clerk of the Faculty
      Faculty Affairs Committee
      Academic Affairs Committee
      Budget-Audit Committee
      Professional Development Committee
      Admissions & Financial Aid
      International Studies Committee
      Gender Issues Committee
      Student Affairs Committee
      Athletic Committee
      Lectures and Programs
      Grievance Committee
      Representative to the NCAA
      Intercultural Affairs Committee
      Benefits Committee
  4. On motions requiring a two-thirds vote, one fourth of the members present may order a counted rising vote.