Dr. Dennis G. Stevens

Dennis StevensProvost & Dean of the Faculty
Atkinson, 101


Ph.D., Boston College A.B., Kenyon College

Dennis Stevens received his A.B. from Kenyon College and his Ph.D. from Boston College. He taught political science for over fifteen years before turning to college administration. He has published a number of articles in leading national journals, and he has published two books: Religion, Politics, and the Law (co-authored with Peter Schotten), and Challenges to Peace in the Middle East.

Before coming to Hampden-Sydney College, he served as a department chair, an associate dean, a dean, and a vice president for academic affairs at other institutions.

Dennis is married and has two daughters. His main interest outside of academia is the martial arts. He has studied judo, karate, kensetsu, kuk sool won, taekwondo, krav maga, and sogo ryu bujutsu. He is a 5th degree black belt and a certified martial arts instructor. He has taught the martial arts for over twenty years.