Life After Hampden-Sydney


What will I be able to do with a degree from Hampden-Sydney College?
There's a reason we say, "You can do anything with a degree from Hampden-Sydney." Our alumni work all over the world in many different fields. To learn more about career options, take a look at the Tiger Tracks "career maps," H-SC Career Education and Vocational Reflection Website, and the Choose a Major Guide.

How does the school help students find internships and jobs?
The Career Education and Vocational Reflection office offers several services. Students often start with a personality test to determine how their passions might be best applied to a particular profession.  Counselors then work with students to develop skills for resume writing, networking and interviewing.  The Career Education and Vocational Reflection office also brings recruiters to campus and maintains contact with alumni who have expressed a desire to coach students through the interview process.

I have heard a lot about the Hampden-Sydney alumni network...
The unique experience of attending an all-male college creates a strong bond of brotherhood between current students and generations of alumni long after they leave "the Hill." In fact, Hampden-Sydney alumni are among the most loyal graduates of any college or university in the country. In addition to a traditional alumni network, the College. The Alumni Career Network uses TigerTRAK to connect current students with our active alumni base. Alumni frequently counsel current students on topics ranging from resume writing to post-interview etiquette.