We are pleased to learn of your interest in returning to Hampden-Sydney College to resume your studies. To begin this process, you need to submit the Application for Readmission. This form is available online or from the Office of Student Affairs and should be sent to that office.

If you wish to return for the fall term, the submission deadline for your application is July 1; for the spring term, December 1; for the summer term, April 1.


  1. It is the responsibility of the applicant for readmission to demonstrate convincingly that he deserves a second chance at Hampden-Sydney College. The Faculty Admissions Committee considers the student's academic motivation, maturity, and social responsibility when evaluating the application. It also looks closely at recommendations from people who know the applicant well.
  2. Students seeking readmission to the College should understand that readmission, under any of the categories, is not automatic. All candidates will be reviewed, and re-enrollment will be offered at the discretion of the Faculty Admissions Committee. The Academic Catalogue and the Key have information regarding dismissal and withdrawal from the College.
  3. The staff of the Counseling Center is available to any applicant who wants to discuss any concern related to his absence from the College.
  4. Any student who has been suspended twice from the College, for either academic or social reasons, will not be readmitted.


  1. The Faculty Admissions Committee will look for evidence of either continuing or renewed academic curiosity. They will expect the applicant to report his activities during the time that he has been away from the College.
  2. A student who has withdrawn to transfer to another institution will need to submit a transcript of his work and to describe its relationship to the academic program he plans to pursue if he returns to Hampden-Sydney. If he has been enrolled full time at another institution, he will also need to ask the Dean of Students there to submit the Inter-College Request for Information form.
  3. An applicant whose withdrawal was based on the need for life or work experience should, in his application, describe that experience and its benefits.


  1. Men who have attended the College for only one or two semesters are judged according to the criteria used for admitting the incoming freshman class, since these are the men with whom they will be competing in the classroom.
  2. Men who are separated from the College after three semesters or more are carefully scrutinized. The main consideration is whether, realistically, they can complete the degree requirements in the prescribed time.
  3. Men who have been suspended from the College are advised to improve their study skills by participating in appropriate formal programs.
  4. If a student attends another academic institution, the Admissions Committee will review both his grades and the courses he has taken. He should submit a Teacher Confidential Reference Form from one of those professors. It is strongly suggested that the student review the nature and number of such courses with his Hampden-Sydney faculty advisor before matriculation. If the advisor is unavailable, the student should contact the Registrar's Office.
  5. Transcripts of all work attempted at other institutions must be received before the Committee's decision can be made.
  6. There is no prescribed formula for readmission qualification. Successful ("B" or better) performance in liberal arts courses at another accredited college or university is often the chosen route. For some students, continued studies may not be the best way of preparing for readmission. Responsible employment or some kind of sustained productive service may also produce suitable evidence of solid achievement and maturity. While the Committee generally looks for evidence of successful academic effort, it is by no means the only possible way to qualify for re-admission. If the student's problem stemmed from lack of academic maturity and/or goals, the combination of work and study may be more appropriate.
  7. If an applicant is employed during his time away from the College, he must submit a letter of recommendation from his immediate supervisor or employer. He may use the Personal Reference Form for this.


  1. The academic record and potential for success of a man suspended for honor, disciplinary, or social violations will be considered with his application for readmission.
  2. The candidate should present evidence of increased personal and social responsibility and maturity. A demanding job or voluntary community service work has often been undertaken by previous applicants in this situation.


  1. Students who have withdrawn for medical reasons will be required to submit a letter from an attending physician regarding the student's medical problem and his physical readiness to return to the College.
  2. Other supporting documents may be required which pertain to the student's other activities while away from the College.