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Hampden-Sydney currently enrolls about 1,100 men from 30 states, 13 countries and the District of Columbia. About 70% of the student body hails from Virginia, though traditionally, Virginia residents have represented closer to 60% of the student body. The student to faculty ratio is 11:1; the average class has 14 students. Historically, 60% of our freshmen are graduates of public schools and 40% come to Hampden-Sydney from private schools. But no matter what kind of high school you attend, you'll feel comfortable here!
Hampden-Sydney is located in Virginia's historic Southside, 70 miles southwest of Richmond, the capital of Virginia. The town of Farmville (pop. 6500,) is seven miles north.
Founded in 1775, Hampden-Sydney is the tenth oldest college in the country and the second oldest in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The College is known for its Honor Code, which states that students will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do. It is because of this Honor Code that students feel free to leave bags and books unattended in the library or the cafeteria. Because professors trust their students, professors will rarely proctor an exam, choosing instead to attend to other items in their office while students complete an exam. Hampden-Sydney is also known for its Rhetoric Program, which is a reflection of the mission articulated by the school's first President, Samuel Stanhope Smith. Smith, a Valedictorian of Princeton University, aimed to model Hampden-Sydney after his alma mater. Smith's goal lives on today as all Hampden-Sydney men learn to express themselves grammatically and persuasively in both writing and speech.
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Both electronic and paper versions of the application are available. Hampden-Sydney also accepts the Common Application. During the 2015-2016 year we received over 3,600 applications. While the percentage of accepted applicants varies from year to year, we typically accept about half of our applicants.

Hampden-Sydney requires that students take either the SAT I or ACT with the writing sections.

The Admissions Office seeks candidates who have demonstrated aptitude in the classroom through a series of rigorous classes. Young men who have excelled outside their studies also present attractive qualities to Admissions Officers. Hampden-Sydney counts among its student body Eagle Scouts (over 10% of the student body), athletes (over 25% were captains of a varsity team in high school), entrepreneurs, dedicated volunteers, presidents of the student body, club or organization (over 10% of the freshman class).

The middle 50% of incoming students have the following profile:

  • SAT: 1050 - 1250
  • ACT: 22 - 27
  • GPA: 3.0 - 3.8

The Admissions Office encourages prospective students to visit the College and speak with an Admissions Counselor. Interviews give prospective students a distinctive opportunity to convey their personalities and the qualities which are difficult to express through an application.

The College hosts several open houses, but prospective students and their families are welcome to visit any time. Ensure first class treatment by scheduling a tour and reserving an appointment with an Admissions Counselor.

Prospective students should have mastered a college-preparatory program, including at least four units of English, two units of the same foreign language, three units of mathematics (including Algebra I, II, and Geometry), two units of natural science (one of which must be a laboratory course), and one unit of social science. In addition, a third unit of foreign language and a fourth unit of mathematics are recommended. The records of successful applicants often include impressive school and community extracurricular activities. Can I get credit for the AP Courses and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs?

The College grants credit to students who score a four or five on many of the currently available AP Exams. Students receive no credit for only taking an AP course regardless of their performance. The tests eligible for credit at Hampden-Sydney can be found here.

A student who achieves a score of six or seven on an International Baccalaureate Examination will receive three to six hours of academic credit and/or exemption from the corresponding core requirements. A student who chooses to take a course for which he already received IB credits will not receive additional credits at Hampden-Sydney.

  • Scholarships
    Hampden-Sydney evaluates every applicant's merit for academic based scholarship awards. For a full list of scholarships and requisite academic performance, please see the Financial Aid webpage which contains a full listing of academic and leadership awards and scholarships. For the 2016-17 school year, 99% of students received aid. Our Financial Aid Office works closely with our families to help make attending H-SC a reality. We strive to offer the best possible value to every H-SC family, and many are pleased to discover how maneagable a private school education can be.
  • Financial Aid
    If you seek financial assitance, the Financial Aid Office requires applicants to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The FAFSA form is a federal document that enables an individual to obtain federal grants and loans. Follow these simple steps to ensure successful application for financial aid.
  • Work Study
    The College offers many employment opportunities as well as the federal work study program. Please see the Financial Aid page describing job opportunities.
Most Hampden-Sydney men admit that when they first heard the school was all-male, they quickly decided it wasn't for them. But after thinking about it more and visiting campus, those same skeptics became intrigued by the advantages of single-sex education. Social pressures don't exist in a single-sex classroom, instead, students feel free to ask questions and engage in lively debate with professors. Many students find that it's much easier to develop efficient study skills and focus on academics at Hampden-Sydney than at a larger, co-ed institution. And after college, H-SC graduates become part of an active and loyal alumni base that can be a valuable resource for career support and advice.

Hampden-Sydney men receive a single-sex education, but live a co-ed lifestyle. There are four women's colleges within a two hour radius of Hampden-Sydney: Hollins University, Sweet Briar College, Mary Baldwin College, and Meredith College. Longwood University is ten minutes away from Hampden-Sydney. In addition to these women's colleges, H-SC is near many co-ed colleges and universities, including the University of Virginia, Lynchburg College, the University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, Peace College, Randolph College, and others.
Hampden-Sydney offers a variety of living quarters. All are heated and air conditioned and have broadband internet access. Students can choose traditional double occupancy rooms or select from a number of alternatives, including suite-style apartments and college-owned cottages and houses. There a never more than two students in a room. Single occupancies are available.

H-SC's recently remodeled cafeteria offers quality food and a variety of cuisines. Some of the cafeteria's amenities include a fire brick oven, a fresh orange juice squeezer and an open hibachi grill. For lighter fare, the Tiger Inn offers a full menu of breakfast sandwiches in the morning and an array of salads, burgers, pizzas, wraps and sandwiches from lunchtime until late night.
The College has over  10 national social fraternities and one professional fraternity on campus. All but one of the chapters has a college-owned house located on Fraternity Circle. Approximately 40% of the student body belong to a fraternity, but all members of the College community are welcome on the Circle most weekends. The Interfraternity Council governs the Greek System and organizes our annual Greek Week - an event that draws thousands of students from colleges around the region.
Both in and out of the classroom, student life at Hampden-Sydney is always interesting. H-SC offers many activities in which to get involved with more than 70 student-run clubs and organizations, many of which were started by students. 25% of the student body participates in intercollegiate athletics and a combined 95% of students participate in intercollegiate, club or intramural athletics. The College is governed by the student-led Honor System and by the Student Senate. Members of each class have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the College by running for office. The College Activities Committee includes elected members of each class and chooses campus-wide activities in addition to the College's famous Homecoming and Greek Week concerts. For students who want to serve beyond the Gates, The Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest provides leadership training through classes, guest speakers and peer debates. Graduates of the Wilson Center can receive a minor in Public Service.

Hampden-Sydney is located in Southside Virginia - home to some of the best turkey and deer hunting on the east coast. Our 1,330 acre campus has three small lakes stocked with bass and other assorted game fish. The surrounding area offers many options for hunting and fishing. Briery Creek is located 5 minutes to the south and is home not only to some of the best largemouth bass fishing in the nation, but also offers students the opportunity to hunt deer, duck, dove, and turkey. Sandy River Reservoir, about 15 minutes from campus, is another favorite fishing spot. Many H-SC students are members of local hunt clubs and will invite non-member students to participate in club outings. Several local farmers give students hunting rights in exchange for occasional help with various jobs on the farm. Check out the Outdoor Experience at H-SC and Area Attractions.

That sounds like a lot of hunting and fishing. Does that mean I can keep my rifle in my room?
Handguns are prohibited on campus. Rifles and other hunting weapons are not permitted in students' rooms or vehicles; they are required to be stored in the campus gun locker. The gun locker is located in the Campus Security Office, and is open only to students who have a weapon stored there. The convenient location of the gun locker makes it easy to access even for the earliest morning hunts.

There's a reason we say, "You can do anything with a degree from Hampden-Sydney." Our alumni work all over the world in many different fields. To learn more about career options, take a look at the Tiger Tracks "career maps," H-SC Career Education and Vocational Reflection Website, and the Choose a Major Guide.

The Career Education and Vocational Reflection office offers several services. Students often start with a personality test to determine how their passions might be best applied to a particular profession.  Counselors then work with students to develop skills for resume writing, networking and interviewing.  The Career Education and Vocational Reflection office also brings recruiters to campus and maintains contact with alumni who have expressed a desire to coach students through the interview process.
The unique experience of attending an all-male college creates a strong bond of brotherhood between current students and generations of alumni long after they leave "the Hill." In fact, Hampden-Sydney alumni are among the most loyal graduates of any college or university in the country. In addition to a traditional alumni network, the College. The Alumni Career Network uses TigerTRAK to connect current students with our active alumni base. Alumni frequently counsel current students on topics ranging from resume writing to post-interview etiquette.

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