Tuition and Fees 2015-2016

Hampden-Sydney College publishes the current semester's billing statements online. The fall billing statements are published monthly beginning in July with a due date of August 1st.  The spring billing statements are published monthly beginning in December with a due date of January 1st.  The electronic bills are available to all students via TigerWeb/CASHNET. Students are able to authorize their parents/guardians/third parties to have access to the account by logging into CASHNET via TigerWeb and adding a parent PIN.  With this authorization, parents will receive an email with a link to their login site and their own login credentials.  Being able to login independently of their student with this site, parents may view account activity, view billing statements, receive emails indicating new billing statements are published, sign up for text notifications, and process payments online.

Payment Methods


Hampden-Sydney does not operate for profit, and expenses are maintained at a minimum consistent with efficiency and high standards. Actual student fees account for approximately 3/4 of the total cost of the student's education. The remainder is provided by income from endowment and by gifts from alumni, friends, and foundations.

Expenses and costs listed below are composed of certain fixed fees payable to the College.

Freshmen $39,920
Sophomores 39,920
Juniors 39,920
Seniors 39,920
Student Activities Fee 400
Room Rent - Double Occupancy 5,652 
Room Rent - Single Occupancy 7,756 
Board (required of most students; see exceptions below under Board):  
Unlimited meal plan (mandatory for Freshmen, available to all others) 7,408
15 meal plan (available to sophs., jrs., srs., and off-campus students) 7,064
5 meal plan (available to off-campus students) 1,914
Technology Fee:  
(single room) 1,470
(double room) 990
(off campus) 590
Health and Wellness Fee 420
Special Fees:  
Course Overload, per credit hour (over 19) 1,250
Part-time and Special Students, per credit hour (fewer than 12) 1,250
Reissue of Student I. D. 20
Late Enrollment 55
Graduation Fee 480
Late Payment Fee 125
Parking Permit/Registration Fee 260
Orientation Fee 420
Study Abroad Fee (per semester) 1,100
Cooperative Programs Fee (per semester) 1,100

Explanation of FeesPayment, and Health Insurance Requirement

Hampden-Sydney College requires all students to have primary health insurance.  To be sure all men are covered, each student will be assessed the Student Injury/Sickness Insurance fee to cover the cost of the health insurance purchased for them by Hampden-Sydney College.  If the student is covered under a personal health insurance policy, the student must complete the online waiver found here:

If the waiver is not completed by the published deadline, the student is liable for the cost of the insurance policy purchased for them by Hampden-Sydney College.

The College reserves the right to increase charges without prior notice.
Fees approved by the Board of Trustees, 5-9-2014.

Contact: Business Office
Marianne Catron, Student Accounts Manager
Cabell House, P.O. Box 127
Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943
Telephone: (434) 223-6223

See the 2015-16 Academic Catalogue for further explanation of fees.
Note: Fees in the Catalogue may show a different school year until the Catalogue is updated in the summer.