The Center for Entrepreneurship and Political Economy

Mission and Goals: 
The mission of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Political Economy at Hampden-Sydney College is to motivate undergraduate students to create a more just and prosperous world through entrepreneurship and scholarship in classical liberal political economy. 

As educators in a liberal arts environment we seek to encourage and facilitate the development of critical thinking skills and to inspire students to set and reach goals to enrich their lives and the world they live in.  To this end, our program goals are to:

  1. foster the idea that the foundations of social order can be discovered through reason, critical thinking, and the application of the scientific method,
  2. investigate the role that individual rights and markets play in the creation of just and prosperous societies,
  3. motivate students to actively seek opportunities in entrepreneurship and scholarship both while at Hampden-Sydney College and beyond, and
  4. develop a network of alumni and friends who wish to remain engaged with the mission of the CEPE.

In an effort to accomplish our mission and goals we have created a progressive strategy that provides co-curricular opportunities for students to be actively engaged throughout their academic careers and beyond.  By facilitating events and activities for students who are exploring, engaging and creating in the classical liberal tradition, students are able to develop their skills and knowledge as they find their passion for entrepreneurship and scholarship.

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Political Economy offers programs in

Entrepreneurship and

Political Economy

CEPE Morton Hall P.O. Box 823 Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943