Entrepreneurship Fellows

CEPE Entrepreneurship Fellows:
The goal of the CEPE Entrepreneurship Program is to encourage entrepreneurial innovation among Hampden-Sydney students. The program identifies students with implementable venture ideas, provides them a successful entrepreneurial mentor and supplements course work with seminars and activities designed to familiarize students with the practical aspects of running a business. Students completing the program gain valuable portfolio experience in project implementation and the chance to pitch their venture ideas to investors.

Fellow Requirements:
CEPE Entrepreneurship Fellows are required to take the Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Change. This non-credit course explores innovations in business and markets as tools for creating value in traditional markets and solving social problems. The goal of this course is to provide students with an in-depth, hands-on introduction to the entrepreneurial process of venture creation. Students are introduced to the accounting, financial strategy, business plan writing and presentation skills essential to the young entrepreneur through a series of market research and investment workshops, and they meet frequently with professors and other fellows to discuss their development as creators. The CEPE supplements the course by sponsoring guest lecturers and fieldwork.

CEPE Entrepreneurship Fellows are paired with members of the Hampden-Sydney College Entrepreneurs and Investors Network to provide them with guidance and insight. These mentors come from fields as diverse as medical sales, national defense, advertising, etc. Mentors agree to be available for some time each week to answer questions and provide strategic feedback to their assigned fellows.

Junior & Senior Fellowships:
CEPE now offers two new avenues for entrepreneurial-minded students: the Junior Fellowship Program and the Senior Fellowship Program.  About 20 students per year participate as Fellows by developing ideas, preparing business plans, or pursuing social projects like If I Had A Hammer. Cooper Weir and Adam O’Donnell, the 2102 Tiger’s Den venture pitch winners, earned a pledge of $20,000 for their startup Cardinal Applications, LLC, as part of our programs.

To apply and learn more about opportunities this year for H-SC students, see the following: