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CEPE Student Seminar at Mercatus Center
From August 24th to August 26th, George Mason's Mercatus Center and the CEPE hosted the Professional Research and Writing Seminar for undergraduates.  The goal of the Professional Research and Writing Seminar was to provide undergraduate students the skills and experience to become valuable productive research assistants for academics and policy analysts.  Using a $4,600 grant awarded by the Charles Koch Foundation, the CEPE's Director Dr. Dirmeyer supervised and travelled with 10 students for this 2-day event: Alexander Cartwright, William Correll, Dyllan Dellisanti, Willis Honeycutt, Patrick McCue, Walker Schutze, Luke Schroeder, Nathan Shepherd, J.J. Strosnider, Michael Williamson.  Many of the students who attended are currently working on fellowship research papers for the CEPE.  At the seminar students took advantage of four sessions, learning useful skills like conducting research projects, data management, effective visuals and communicating your message.  Dyllan Dellisanti, a junior working on his own research paper for the CEPE found the seminar helped students become more "effective communicators of ideas."

Based on students interviewed, the program's goal to foster in students the ability "to conduct a research project, create a comprehensive literature review, write an executive summary and write short press pieces based on scholarly research," were effectively met.   Attendees enjoyed connecting with other students interested in social sciences and especially encourage other students to also have an active academic interest in their major or minor.



CEPE Students Present Research in Las Vegas:

On April 2nd, four Student Research Fellows for the Center for Entrepreneurship and Political Economy, Patrick McCue '13, Alex Cartwright '13, Ronnie Fultz '12, and Christian Hebert-Pryor '13, presented their research at the annual Association for Private Enterprise Education conference in Las Vegas. APEE was established in 1963 as an organization dedicated to promoting the effective teaching of economics principles as they relate to the social prosperity. At the conference, students had the opportunity to hear lectures from many famous economists; attend small group lectures from more than 300 attendees. APEE dedicates one evening to undergraduate research presentations during which conference participants and scholars hear the student presentations and provide feedback. Each year the CEPE awards up to 5 students $3,500 plus travel and expenses to pursue research related to political economy. Applications for CEPE Student Research Fellowships for the 2012-13 academic year are due Monday 4/30.

Please contact Prof. Justin Isaacs, jisaacs@hsc.edu, for further information.

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