Political Economy Reading Groups

CEPE Reading Groups:

Our political economy reading groups are weekly meetings of students and faculty- from departments as diverse economics, philosophy, rhetoric, history and classics- interested in exploring how prevailing ideas affect our society. Students interested in reading groups in Fall 2012 should contact the professor designated as the head of the reading group in the list below.

Profs. James Frusetta (History) and Jennifer Dirmeyer (Economics)- The Art of Not Being Governed

Prof. Patrick Wilson (Philosophy)- John Locke's Second Treatise on Government

Tuesdays-lunch-11:30. What are the advantages of government over anarchy? How does a government gain legitimacy? Is the role of government to promote virtue or only to protect people's property? Under what circumstances is a revolution obligatory? Locke addresses these and other fundamental political questions in his Second Treatise of Government. Join the Locke Reading Group to learn Locke's answers and to find out why he so deeply influenced the American founding fathers.

Prof. James Arieti (Classics)