Center Scholars

Gregory Dempster, Social Entrepreneurship Coordinator, is Elliott Professor of Economics and Business at Hampden-Sydney. Professor Gregory DempsterHe received his Ph.D. from Auburn University in 1998 and earned the Chartered Financial Analyst’s (CFA) designation in 2007. Professor Dempster is a former department chair and past President of the Virginia Association of Economists.  He teaches courses in entrepreneurship, finance, and comparative political economy. His research focuses on institutional aspects of entrepreneurship and decision making.

Justin Isaacs, Director of the BB&T Entrepreneurship Program, is an associate professor of economics and chair of the Economics and Business Professor Justin IsaacsDepartment at Hampden-Sydney College. He received his Ph.D from Auburn University in 1999 and returned to Hampden-Sydney that same year. He teaches Introduction to Economics, Industrial Economics, and the second part of the Economics Major's Senior Capstone Course, Seminar in Public Policy. Dr. Isaacs received the Fuqua teaching award in 2004. His research interests include multiple publications on entrepreneurship in sports, and the credbile commitment of warring parties in peace agreements. He also works in the private sector in the energy and beer industries.

Anthony M. Carilli, Director of Student Outreach, is a professor of economics at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. He earned a B.A. in Economics Professor Tony Carilli and Mathematics from Hartwick College, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from Northeastern University.  He is a past president of the Society for the Development of Austrian Economics, serves on the editorial board of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and is on the Board of Scholars for the Virginia Institute of Public Policy. Dr. Carilli teaches Introductory Economics, Austrian Economics, Austrian Macroeconomics, Econometrics, and Managerial Economics and Decision Analysis. He is a three-time winner of the John Bates Fuqua Teaching Award for outstanding teaching at Hampden-Sydney College. Dr. Carilli's research is on rural firefighting, NASCAR, social capital, Austrian business cycle theory, and monetary regimes.

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