CEPE Student Fellowships

Overview of CEPE Fellowships
Each year the Center will support 1-5 student fellowships.  The fellowships will be for $3,500 for the academic year and will support external research and individual mentoring by a member of the Center.  An additional $1,500 will also be allotted as support to defray the costs associated with attending academic conferences and/or pursuing internships.

Application Process
The application process will include a short application form aimed at determining the students research and career interests as well as their ability to engage in self-directed research with the guidance of a Center affiliated faculty member.  During the application process, students will also be required to provide a written overview of the proposed project they wish to research and how this project fits with the mission of the center.

Fellowship Requirements
Center Fellows must have a Center Affiliated Faculty mentor to guide them in their coursework, research project and career goals. Each Center Fellow will make a presentation to the Center regarding the status of their project at the end of the Fall semester and will be required to make a final presentation at the end of their fellowship.  Center Fellows will also be encouraged to attend professional academic meetings, to submit their finished research to academic journals and engage in policy related internships.

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