2008-09 CSPE Student Fellows

Gordon Wadsworth '10
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Mr. Wadworth's project developed out of his dual love for both classical history and economics. He is writing an analysis of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire with respect to classical political theory, examining the political processes which drove Rome from a Republic to a Principate and ultimately to a single-ruler Empire. His paper addresses not only the political and economic changes experienced in ancient Rome during these transitions but also breaks down the policies of several prominent Caesars or Imperial families thereafter from a perspective of monetary theory and an understanding of the government budget constraint; outlining specific issues each of these regimes dealt with and the macroeconomic outcomes of the policy decisions of those regimes. Mr. Wadsworth looks at what intersections a study of modern political economy can bring to an analysis of history and what implications or conclusions can be drawn about how government interaction affected the Roman Empire and what implications that can have for modern economies.

Adam Doolittle '10
Digital Media Industry
If the digital media market was cutthroat competition, then what explains Google's near dominance in the market. What explains the demise of newspapers and magazines, while other firms show record profits? These questions can be answered by looking at the structure, conduct, which helps explain the performance of each firm within the industry. This paper explores the potential structure of the digital media industry, looks closely at the conduct of each leading firm, to make conclusions about the differences in performance. On top of that, this paper explores each area of potential market power for the digital media industry. Areas such as brands, network externalities, economies of scale, scope and experience, are all explored to show the distinct possibility of market power-and which firms hold this market power.

Tommy Ribaric '10

Craig Gurchinoff '10

Hunter Hopcroft '10