Event Planning

There will be several changes that will affect events on campus effective July 1, 2015.

The Office of College Events will resume administration of the College Calendar.   All events using College facilities and/or property must be approved by and reserved through the Office of College Events. Requests should be made no less than 30 days prior to the event.  Events requests submitted within 14 days of the event may be denied.  The Events Request Form is available online.

All events using College facilities and/or property with an attendance of 50+ guests or spanning multiple days require coordination with the Director of College Events. Click here for basic guidelines, including restrictions, on holding an event using College facilities and/or property.

Thompson Hospitality has graciously agreed to waive their exclusive catering rights on campus.  Click here for more information on using an outside caterer or food service.

A few reminders about events held using College facilities and/or property.

  • College Event supplies (rectangular tables, round tables, cocktail tables, folding chairs, sign boards, other equipment)

    • Should be requested via the Event Request Form for use at all College facilities and/or property. The requesting department is responsible for communicating setup needs to the College Events Office.  Requests should NOT be made directly to the Physical Plant.
    • Supplies/equipment borrowed from another department, facility or office are the responsibility of the requesting department.  The requesting department must make arrangements for movement to and from the location(s).
    • Linens: the College, and Thompson Hospitality, have a limited number of basic linens - typically white and burgundy.  For more specialized linens, consult with Thompson Hospitality or a rental company.  Please be aware that the College standard is floor length linens.
    • Using College supplies for off-campus College events

      • Requests must be made in writing to the Director of College Events and must include the following information: name of responsible person and phone number; affiliation with the College; name and purpose of the event; quantity and description of event supplies/equipment; pickup time and date; return time and date.
      • If approved, the user will be required to pick up and return the approved supplies (no College deliveries or pickups) during Physical Plant business hours.
      • Requires the signature of the Director of the Physical Plant or his designee at the time of pickup and return.
      • If supplies/equipment are missing or damaged, the determination of whether to assess a fee, as well as the amount of the fee, is at the sole discretion of the Director of Physical Plant or his designee.

    • Personal use of College supplies/equipment for Class C (currently employed College faculty and staff, retired faculty, currently enrolled H-SC students, H-SC alumni, active and retired trustees of H-SC, and currently employed THC employees) is not permitted.

  • Tents are not allowed at any function that is not a Class D event.  Tents, when applicable, must be approved by the Director of the Physical Plant 60 days prior to the event due to safety, underground lines, and other concerns.

  • No fireworks or sparklers are allowed at College facilities and/or property.