50-Plus Event Planning Guide

Due to limitations on common event spaces and supplies, thorough preplanning is required for College Events (50 or more people in attendance and/or spanning multiple days).

45 Days or More Prior to Event

  • Determine if you would like the President present at your event to speak, host, or attend.  If so, contact the Executive Secretary to the President, Keary Mariannino, (ext. 6110) to confirm a date that the President is available.

  • Contact the Director of College Events, Cameron Cary, (ext. 6138 or 6114) in the early stages of planning to ensure the availability of venue and setup.  College Events will provide assistance with facilities capabilities, diagrams, and room setups.

  • Determine needs for parking and/or security.  Safety and security at events are paramount.  Proper event management requires the Security and Police Office to determine appropriate staffing based on many variables, such as crowd size, parking, ticket sale cash receipts, availability and use of alcoholic beverages, weather, etc.  If any event requires an enhanced level of police and security staffing, then approximate security costs should be made known in advance to the hosting organization or group and the Business Office may bill the hosting organization or group.  For event staffing or additional information, please contact the Security and Police Office at ext. 6164.

  • Determine food needs and provider.  Outside caterers must be registered with the Business Office 30 days in advance.  See the Outside Catering Guide online.

30 Days or More Prior to Event

  • Submit Events Request Form for approval.  Contact College Events Office with questions or to make changes after submission.  Form should be filled out in its entirety.  All event request must be approved by the College Events Office before you invite guests, visitors, or speakers; and before you contact catering, Publications Office, Public Safety/Security and Police, or Buildings and Grounds.
  • Order Necessary Audio Visual Equipment (LCD projectors, laptops, DVD players, screens, etc) from the Fuqua Technology Commons.  Contact the Media Librarian, Brian Burns, ext. 7225 or Blackboard Administrator & Library Associate, Mike Timma, ext. 6292.

  • If applicable, place your catering order with selected vendor.

15 Business Days Prior to Event

10 Business Days Prior to Event

  • Finalized setup diagram submitted to Director of College Events.

  • Finalized catering plan, if applicable, submitted to Director of College Events.

  • Finalized event parking and/or security submitted to Director of Public Safety.

5 Business Days Prior to Event

  • If applicable, arrange to pick up a key for the building with Security and Police Office at Gilkeson.  You will be responsible for opening, locking back up, and returning the key to the Security and Police Office.

  • Touch base with your food service provider, if applicable, to ensure proper guest count.

  • Contact Director of College Events, Cameron Cary, ext. 6138 with any changes to setup requirements.  A revised diagram may be required.  Note:  late planning changes in excess may be denied.