Career Education for Employers

Welcome! To find out how you can connect with our top notch students, please look at our upcoming Career Fair opportunities.

Hampden-Sydney College, the tenth-oldest college in the nation, is dedicated to forming "good men and good citizens." The college prides itself on educating well-rounded men who, through an in-depth rhetoric program and core curriculum, learn how to think critically and communicate effectively. Employers praise our students' integrity and ability to write.

Hampden Sydney's Career Education and Vocational Reflection Office is dedicated to supporting our students and alumni in whatever path they choose to pursue. "You can do anything with a degree from Hampden-Sydney" is our motto. We nurture our partnerships with employers in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • we provide facilities for on-campus and phone interviewing;
  • we offer an online job form enabling employers the opportunity to list positions on TigerConnections;
  • we post internship and job offerings in our library and on our website;
  • we welcome a variety of organizations and companies on campus for informal information sessions; and
  • we publicize, and attend, several career fairs.
  • We offer capabilities for Skype and other video interviewing! Contact our office for more information.

 How can we best work with you?  Please call us at 434-223-6106 or email Jennifer Allen, Recruiting Coordinator.

If you are coming to HSC for a visit, go to directions for information on our location, or accommodations for information on where to stay.

Why Recruit at Hampden-Sydney College?

We know that you have many choices for student recruitment, and we want to thank you for considering Hampden-Sydney College. As a traditional liberal arts college, our students are educated in a way that fosters flexibility, creativity, strong critical thinking and decision making, and keen intellectual curiousity. 

One major asset our students will bring to your organization is our Rhetoric program. Our students are required to complete two semesters of written and oral rhetoric coursework, and they may also minor in the field.  In order to graduate from Hampden-Sydney College, students must pass a three hour rhetoic proficiency exam.  Students can continue to develop these rhetorical skills through serving as tutors in our popular Writing and Speaking Centers on campus. Students regularly tell us that this common experience has distinguished them from other interns and new employees.

Recently, we have created a clear path for students towards popular careers via the Tiger Track Program. This program helps students set their path through their time at Hampden-Sydney, and ensures they are prepared to enter a wide range of career fields. We encourage you to check it out, and send any suggestions or clarifications to Becca Snyder Shelton at

While we are off the beaten path, we are striving to meet your needs by maximizing your candidate pool. We offer video interviewing via Skype or similar services, which reduces trave time and costs.  Please contact us at (434) 223-6106 or to verify that this option is available.

Recruitment Process

We welcome employers on campus for information sessions, receptions, and on-campus interviewing for internship and full-time opportunities.

What Will We Do For You In Return?

  • We will send out targeted e-mails to our student body announcing your visit.
  • We will heavily promote your visit through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  
  • We will share news of your visit with targeted faculty members personally.
  • And we will take care of all the on site arrangements of your visit, so just leave all the details to us!

We look forward to meeting your needs. Please contact Jennifer Allen, Recruiting Coordinator, at (434) 223-6106 or, to start recruiting with us today!

Employer Resources

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is a great resource as you are managing the recruiting and hiring process. NACE has developed guidelines for areas such as hiring and managing interns, recruiting for full-time hires, and more!

What it means to be an intern is a changing landscape in today's workplace, and NACE has resources for you to understand what your company's legal obligations are when hiring interns.