Recruitment Process

We welcome employers on campus for information sessions, receptions, and on-campus interviewing for internship and full time opportunities.

What Will We Do For You In Return?

  • We will send out targeted e-mails to our student body announcing your visit.
  • We will heavily promote your visit through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  
  • We will share news of your visit with targeted faculty members personally.
  • And we will take care of all the on site arrangements of your visit, so just leave all the details to us!

We look forward to meeting your needs. Please contact Jennifer Allen, Recruiting Coordinator, at (434) 223-6106 or, to start recruiting with us today!

Employer Resources
The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is a great resource as you are managing the recruiting and hiring process. NACE has developed guidelines for areas such as hiring and managing interns, recruiting for full-time hires, and more!
What it means to be an intern is a changing landscape in today's workplace, and NACE has resources for you to understand what your company's legal obligations are when hiring interns.