Why Recruit at H-SC?

We know that you have many choices for student recruitment, and we want to thank you for considering Hampden-Sydney College.  As a traditional liberal arts college, our students are educated in a way that fosters flexibility, creativity, strong critical thinking and decision making, and keen intellectual curiousity. 

One major asset our students will bring to your organization is our Rhetoric program.  Our students are required to complete two semesters of written and oral rhetoric coursework, and they may also minor in the field.  In order to graduate from Hampden-Sydney College, students must pass a three hour rhetoic proficiency exam.  Students can continue to develop these rhetorical skills through serving as tutors in our popular Writing and Speaking Centers on campus.  Students regularly tell us that this common experience has distinguished them from other interns and new employees, so why don't you see it for yourself?

Recently, we have created a clear path for students towards popular careers via the Tiger Track Program. This program helps students set their path through their time at Hampden-Sydney, and ensures they are prepared to enter a wide range of career fields.  We encourage you to check it out, and send any suggestions or clarifications to Becca Snyder at rsnyder@hsc.edu.

While we are off the beaten path, we are striving to meet your needs by maximizing your candidate pool.  We offer video interviewing via Skype or similar services, which reduces trave time and costs.  Please contact us at (434) 223-6106 or jallen@hsc.edu to verify that this option is available.