Faculty and Advisors

Career Education is on the move!

Do you know you'll be out for a class session, but not sure what to plan, or don't want to cancel? Let Career Education fill in! We are happy to partner with you, and present to your class on a variety of career development topics. Please submit the presentation request form no later than 2 weeks prior to the requested date.

You play a key role in the lives of Hampden-Sydney students.  We want to make sure you are fully informed about the work of our office, and how it can help your students. 

What Do We Do?
Our goal is to advise, inform, and prepare Hampden-Sydney men for life after college.  As they become "good men and good citizens" we help them balance their liberal arts education with their interests and strengths.  Our office is a tremendous resource for students.  We offer services and resources such as:

  • Career Resource Library: Our library is filled with books and periodicals that have advice on choosing a major, interviewing successfully, networking appropriately, and researching graduate schools, among other topics.  Students can check out books from our library.
  • Individual career counseling
  • Workshops about the stages of career development, including career exploration, resumes and cover letters, job and internship searching, and more.
  • Recruitment visits from employers and graduate schools
  • Resources such as TigerConnections and Internships.com, which offer students access to hundreds of internships and job opportunities
  • Alumni networking programs
  • Job and Internship Fairs
  • And many more things-just look around the other parts of our website!

How Can Students Access Our Services?

  • To make an appointment: students can either call Jennifer Allen at 223-6106, or visit her office in Bagby 209
  • Our workshops and events calendar is updated regularly throughout the semester with the latest. Often, events are added mid-semester, so students should check frequently.
  • You can check out a variety of links and opportunities at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

What Are Our Major Events?

  • The Professional Development Institute (PDI) held annually in January, a two-day event just prior to classes resuming.
  • Various career fairs and networking events that our students are invited to attend, including U.Va's fall Career Fair, the fall Challenge event, and various programs at Longwood.
  • The fall Etiquette Dinner
  • Our Internship Scholarship Program: stipends awarded each spring to student applicants with confirmed internships, who need additional financial assistance to participate.

How Can You Help?

  • Get to know your students' interests for life after college.  Can they be incorporated into the class? 
  • Develop ways for students to tangibly engage with classroom learning through group field experiences and projects. 
  • Encourage active self reflection and vigorous debate of ideas.  These can help students make the connection to their own interests, beliefs, and passions, which can lead to greater career knowledge.

Liberal Arts and Careers Resources