Career Education for Parents

Well, you've been raising your son for 18 or so years, and now he's off at Hampden-Sydney.  We are happy that you've helped your son choose a strong liberal arts education, but you might be wondering, "what's he going to do with this degree?  That's why our motto is, "You can do anything with a degree from Hampden-Sydney College."  We view career exploration and career education as a lifelong process and feel that it is vital to begin their quest for a fulfilling life during their first year at H-SC.

Parent Portal

Visit the Parent Portal to keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest happenings at Hampden-Sydney that your son can take advantage of! We've included information about housing, financial aid, College news, and more! Various departments on campus write in monthly so you can stay informed on what is happening around campus.