Fine Arts

Transferable skills that Fine Arts majors develop
Students studying the Fine Arts acquire many skills that can easily transfer to any subject matter:

Self-awareness and self-assurance
Perceiving and discerning intuitively
Assessing, understanding, and discriminating among one's own feelings
Imagining new and creative solutions
Working well with subjective, abstract, and multiple solutions
Exploring alternative goals and investigating various means of achieving them
Expressing and communicating intuitive notions
Tolerating ambiguity
Attending to detail as well as the whole
Writing with clarity and intelligence
Appreciating diverse historical backgrounds and communities   
Visual discernment
Recognizing patterns
Speaking articulately and passionately
Drawing relationships between past and present
Appreciating beauty
Thinking precisely in the moment

Possible job titles for Fine Arts majors:
Advertising Designer
Advertising Manager
Art Appraiser
Art Critic
Art Curator
Art Director
Art Therapist
Costume Designer
Dance Therapist
Drama Coach
Drama Critic
Gallery Director
Graphic Designer
Industrial Designer
Interior Designer
Lighting Designer
Medical Illustrator
Museum Curator
Photo Research Specialist
Public Relations Representative
School Administrator
Set Designer
Studio Artist
Theater Director
TV Producer

Types of employers:
Advertising Agencies
Architectural Firms
Art Galleries & Museums
Business & Industry
Colleges & Schools
Commercial Art & Photography Firms 
Community Organizations
Dance Companies 
Educational Institutions
Film Companies
Government Agencies
Interior Design Firms
Libraries & Museums 
Magazines & Newspapers
Motion Picture Studios
Private Art Foundations
Publishing Firms
Research Firms
Public Relations Firms
Recreation Centers 

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Other Sources of Information
Career counselors, alumni, and faculty members are great resources. Visit Career Education early and often, and talk to professors in your major and related fields. Career Coaches can help connect you with alumni in career fields that interest you for informational interviews. Professional associations are excellent sources of career and employment information, and many of them have websites.  Contact the following organizations and websites for more information:

American Advertising Federation

American Art Therapy Association

American Association of Museums

Association of Medical Illustrators

Career Alternatives for Art Historians
Graphic Artists Guild

Industrial Designers Society of America

National Press Photographers Association

Society of Illustrators