Transferable Skills that Physics and Astronomy majors develop:
In addition to the specific subject matter that Physics majors learn, they acquire many skills that can easily transfer to any subject matter.  The following is a list of transferable skills that Physics majors develop:

Defining research problems  
Utilizing math formulas, real-life math skills
Designing equipment
Visualizing complex ideas
Formulating equations
Developing web pages
Analyzing data and error
Developing research models
Establishing hypotheses
Numerical modeling
Using lasers and optics
Interfacing computers with instrumentation
Evaluating ideas
Seeing relationships among factors
Drawing meaningful conclusions
Communicating technically, both orally and written  
Identifying/classifying materials

Possible job titles for Physics majors: 
Ballistics Expert
Computer Systems Engineer
Environmental Analyst
Medical Physicist
Patent Examiner
Photo-optics technician
Research Scientist
Technical Writer

Types of employers:
Atomic & Nuclear Laboratories
Business & Industry 
Educational Institutions
Engineering Firms 
Government Agencies
Manufacturing and Processing Firms
Mining Companies 
Nuclear Plants 
Petroleum Companies
Profession/Technical Journals 
Publishing Companies
Research-and-Development Firms 
Utilities Companies 
Weather Bureaus and Companies 

Career Library Resources:
Careers in Science
, by Thomas A. Easton
Peterson's Job opportunities for Health and Science Majors
Alternative Careers in Science
, by Cynthia Robbins-Roth 

Visit the HSC Physics and Astronomy Department web site or catalogue!

Other sources of information:
Career counselors and faculty members are great resources.  Visit the Career Development Office early and often, and make time to talk to professors in your major and related fields.  Ask at the Career Development Office for help locating Hampden-Sydney alums in career fields that interest you and set up informational interviews with them.   Professional associations are excellent sources of career and employment information, and many of them have websites.  Surf the internet, keeping in mind that many colleges and universities have websites for their Career Centers and for each academic major, many of which include career and employment information as well as links to professional associations and other useful websites.  Consult the following organizations and websites for more information:

American Institute of Physics

American Astronomical Society

National Academy of Sciences, Career Planning Center

Science: Next Wave / Science Careers