Seek Career Education Services

"Yeah, going to Career Education and Vocational Reflection Office is important, but that can wait until my senior year."  Can it?

Results show that the more frequently a senior used career services, the more likely he/she would receive a job offer. Just under 29 percent of those who received job offers had not used the career center-meaning the remaining 71 percent with offers were career center users.  

In addition, the study found that the likelihood of getting a job offer increased with the frequency of use, so that those who used the career center four or more times a semester were more likely to have job offers than those who used it once a semester. 

Among those who had used the career center, the most services they were most likely to use were: 

  1. Resume writing/reviewing assistance  (used by 70.1 percent of those using career services)
  2. Career center job listings (66.2 percent)
  3. Job-search assistance (62.3 percent)
  4. Career counseling (51.3 percent)
  5. Internship assistance  (51.2 percent) 

Resume writing help was not only the most used service, but also the most highly rated in terms of its helpfulness, followed by practice interview sessions (used only by a handful of users), job listings, and individual career counseling. 

Coming to visit the Career Education and Vocational Reflection Office is a pretty low cost step that will help you get job offers.  You can make an appointment in person on the 2nd floor of Bagby Hall, call us at (434) 223-6105, or e-mail us at to make an appointment.