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We are here to help you determine who you want to be, what you want to do, and how to reach your goals. Don't know where to begin? Let us help!


Explore Careers

  • Four Year Plan - a guide for your H-SC years; use your time on the Hill wisely and get a timeline that will further your career goals.
  • Match your personality and interests
  • Choose a Major - explore the skills you will develop, possible job titles, and types of employers for each of our majors
  • Tiger Tracks - industry-specific career paths which bridge the liberal arts with a career, providing a roadmap of classes, extracurricular activities, resources, and alumni connections
  • Search for careers and employers - use industry-specific sites

Getting Ahead

Job & Internship Search

  • Internships - All things internship to help you find the perfect experiential learning opportunity
  • Conduct a Successful Job Search (how to)
  • Tiger Connections - H-SC job and internship board. The Career Education Office maintains this website as a service to Hampden-Sydney students and alumni seeking employment opportunities. Job announcements do not necessarily indicate our endorsement of an employer.
  • Search by industry  - online job/internship search sites sorted by industry
  • Career Fairs - find out which fairs to attend and how to prepare for your next opportunity
  • Atlanta Internship Program - a 10-week summer internship program hosted by the Atlanta Chapter of the Hampden-Sydney Alumni Association.
  • Unique Opportunities - they're not jobs, and they aren't graduate schools. Find your next unique opportunity here (sorted by industry)!

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