As freshmen you're just getting started with your time on The Hill. To help you begin the path to success in the 'real world' after graduation, check out these resources.

  • Begin developing your 4 year plan for success 

    • As freshman, your options are endless. Start exploring those options and begin mapping out your plan

  • What to think about when choosing a major

    • Hampden-Sydney College offers majors and minors in 14 different academic departments

  • Find out what you can do with your major by looking at our Tiger Tracks

    • Tiger Tracks helps build the gap between the majors HSC offers and your possible career interests by creating a road map of classes, extracurricular activities, resources, and alumni connections to help you chase your dream

  • Start developing your resume

    • It is never too early to start compiling a list of your experiences and accomplishments

  • Make connections between your education and possible careers

    • Researching possible career fields and employers will help you have a greater understanding of your skills, interests and strenghts, which can help you make informed and satisfying career choices

  • Begin thinking about possible internship opportunities

    • Become familiar with the necessary steps to internship success

  • Find out how Career Education can help you 

    • The Career Education Office can offer an abundance of services for you. Schedule an appointment today!