You're into your major, and this is the year to really focus on what your life may look like after graduation, and what you can do now to reach your goals. Here are some resources to get you started.

  • If you don't have a resume, now is the time to get started

    • The Career Education Office will be happy to help get you started creating and refining your resume

  • Find out what you can do with your major by looking at our Tiger Tracks

    • Tiger Tracks help build the gap between the majors HSC offers and your possible career interests by creating a road map of classes, extracurricular activities, and alumni connections to help you chase your dream

  • Building your network of professional contacts is essential

    • Continue the process of getting to know people and building relationships that are mutually beneficial with the goal of gaining greater knowledge about career paths and organizations

  • Learn the value of internships and how to obtain them   

  • Think graduate school may be an option? Start researching now

    • Take into consideration different schools and programs, entrance exams, financial aid options and more

  • Begin preparing for interviews with these tips and tricks

    • Become familiar with interview do's and dont's, and how to dress for succes

  • Revisit your 4 year professional development plan

    • Now is the time to take initiative and be proactive