You've made it through the first year at H-SC! You'll be declaring a major soon, and Career Education can help you make the connection between your intended major and a career. Here are some resources to get you started.

  • Keep working on your 4 year plan for career development
  • What to think about when choosing a major

    • Hampden-Sydney College offers majors and minors in 14 different academic departments

  • Find out what you can do with your major by looking at our Tiger Tracks

    • Tiger Tracks help build the gap between the majors HSC offers and your possible career interests by creating a road map of classes, extracurricular activities, and alumni connections to help you chase your dream

  • Make connections between your education and careers

    • Researching possible career fields and employers will help give you a greater understanding of your skills, interests, and strengths, which can help you make informed and satisfying career choices

  • Begin working on, or refining, your resume and cover letter

    • Practice makes perfect. Be specific, concise and focused

  • Start thinking about possible networks and professional contacts you may have

    • Start the process of getting to know people and building relationships that are mutually beneficial with the goal of gaining greater knowledge about career paths and organizations

  • Learn the value of internships and how to obtain them

    • Start contemplating the steps to internship success

  • Think graduate school may be an option? Begin researching and learning more

    • Take into consideration different schools and programs, entrance exams, financial aid and more

  • Begin preparing for interviews with these tips and tricks

    • Learn about interview do's and donts, how to dress for success, questions that will be asked and questions you should ask